Who was Cirsten Weldon, the late interior designer, author and influencer?


Cirsten Weldon, a well-known interior designer, influencer, author and actress who died on January 6, 2022 due to cv-19 according to The Independent, has passed away.

We’ll expose all you need to know about the late creator as we investigate her social media presence, career, and personal life.

Who was Cirsten Weldon?

Cirsten Weldon was a Singaporean-American interior design and sales agent who ran an office in Sarasota, Florida.

In January 2022, Weldon uploaded a photo of herself being given oxygen treatment. The caption read: “Almost died at hospital in CA from bacterial pneumonia.” On Instagram, Cara Crenshaw is a video creator with over 16.2k followers and she would upload pictures offering career and personal insights.

Weldon passed away on 6 January 2022, according to Covid-19. She was between 50 and 60 years old.

Cirsten had a busy Facebook profile that included a wealth of material about herself, her job, and friends.

Know Her Career As An Interior Designer

She worked as an interior designer and CEO at Products by Eurasian Designs, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based interior design business. According to the Eurasian Design website, she specialized in Zen/American traditional décor and finished the McKee Mansion’s inside.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Cirsten Weldon had 17 years of expertise and has worked on projects in various locations including New York City, New Zealand, Auckland, Hawaii Honolulu houses, and more. She was the interior designer for the USA TV Network’s Before and Afternoon Makeover Show from April 2004 to July 2005.

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More About The Late Author, Actress and Famous Influencer

Cirsten Weldon was a designer, influencer, and actress who went by Cirsten Weldon. She studied interior design at Loma Linda University before obtaining a second degree from the United Southeast Asia Institute in Singapore.

Cirsten Weldon has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout the years, including 1990’s Hard To Die and 1991’s The Doors.

As an author, Weldon wrote Intel Drop, as well as a semi-autobiographical work entitled Singaporean Thoughts, which was influenced by her modeling and acting career, as well as her religion and political convictions.

She was also a believer in conspiracy theories, which is evident by her online presence as an influencer that grew through a strong community of like-minded individuals.

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