Who Is Charlotte Cox From Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait?


Charlotte Cox is an American actress best known for portraying her role ‘In the Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait (2000).’ She is also known for Missing Pieces (2012) and Change Machine (2011).

Her performance received critical acclaim and showcased her versatility as an actress. Her ability to fully embody her character and bring depth to the role earned her recognition within the industry. In the ‘Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait’, she cast alongside, Carole Cox and Cora Cox.

Charlotte Cox In ‘Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait’

Charlotte Cox was born and raised in Depression-era Appalachia, is a deluxe family album in this straightforward. Her sister named, Carole Cox, Cora Cox, Dorothy Cox, Ethel Cox, Glenna Cox and Scarlette Cox.

Patrick Donohew’s documentary gently explores “family values” including loyalty, affection, and mutual support in good times and bad. This vid-shot effort is too broadcast-like for big screen play, but it should last well on YouTube and in schools.

Where Is Charlotte Cox Now?

Scarlette, the oldest of the Cox siblings who once attempted to cut the throat of a younger sister, continues to be the most temperamental; Charlotte, the family stoic (“I don’t lollygag over anything”); Cora, “short and sweet”; Ethel, the tomboy; and so on.

The Cox siblings are a lively and diverse group of people who have still retained their signature characteristics from their childhood.

The children worked hard on the tobacco farm when they were young, but they also did well in school, except for Glenna who had some learning challenges. Charlotte’s parents supported her with love and encouragement.

As the older children grew up during WWII, they found opportunities to leave home and work, while the younger ones were able to go to college with scholarships.

Their dad who had a strong personality and was somewhat possessive was not happy when his daughters started getting married and leaving.

He did find joy in becoming a grandfather though. The family faced more challenges when they had to sell their farm and move to urban Lexington. The situation worsened when Mrs. Cox passed away after battling TB, leaving her younger daughters without a mother.

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Charlotte Cox’s Sister: Carole

Carole was the younger sister of Charlotte Cox. She succumbing to cancer on the brink of middle age following an abusive marriage and subsequent hard road as a single parent.

The surviving Cox ladies, the majority of whom are now great-grandmothers, are so charming. The viewer is also affected emotionally by their weeping recollections of such tragic events.

“Seven Sisters” is a story that covers a large span of time and features multiple narrators, which means that it focuses on the most important moments and struggles of the characters rather than delving into every aspect of their lives such as careers and relationships. The narrative gives a broad overview rather than getting bogged down in details.


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