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Andrea is well known personality from United States who makes weekly videos on her channel about her life, fashion, beauty, and a bunch of DIY’s and the occasional slime videos. Andrea makes little bit of everything in her videos and her fans like her a lot for this. As of December, 2109 she has 868 … Read more

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Isaiah Shepard, better known as Steezy Kane. He is a young filmmaker, actor and youtuber born and raised in Austin, Texas who likes to embarrass himself by singing songs out-loud in public, and just simply confusing strangers. He is very talented and creative content writer as well. He rose his fame through posting videos on … Read more

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Wild Spartanz aka Brandon is an American personality who is famous for his self titled youtube channel under user name ‘WildSpartanz’. There, he uploads his commentary and rants. He uploaded his first video on youtube in 2102 and from since then he has gained a lot of followers in a very short span of time. … Read more

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