Meet Carlos Scola Pliego: Ex-Husband Of Sade Adu

Carlos Scola Pliego married Sade Adu, in 1989. He is a Spanish film director Carlos Pliego. Their marriage ended in 1995. He worked on Sean Connery’s James Bond film and John Malkovich’s first major film. He has worked in several various fields of the Spanish film industry. His first experience was directing the scripts for “La boda del señor cura” (1979) and “Opera Prima” (1980).

Carlos Scola Pliego Net Worth

Carlos Scola Pliego is a well known name in the directing world. He collaborated to the 1985 miniseries “Christopher Columbus”. He was assisted director on nine feature-length and television productions between 1981 and 1985.


Pliego served as the second assistant director for the 1983 James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again”. He worked in the same role on “Curse of the Pink Panther” that same year. His net worth is estimated to be $7 million, as of 2023.

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Carlos Scola Pliego And Sade Adu Relationship

Sade met Pliego while shooting the album “Promise”, in 1985. On October 11, 1989, the couple married in a Spanish castle and lived together in Madrid. In 1995, after ten years of marriage they got divorced. She said in an interview,

“It was a very sad situation. I had to leave… very quickly… with a very small bag. It took five years for it not to be something that affected the way I felt. Love Deluxe’ is one of the few luxury things you can’t buy. Now, you can buy any kind of love, but not love deluxe. That’s something entirely different.”

After her divorce, Sade moved briefly to the Caribbean to live with Jamaican music producer Bob Morgan in the late 1990s and gave birth on 21 July 1996 to her first child, who later sang on Sade’s song “Babyfather” in 2010.


After their separation, Sade started dating former Royal Marine Ian Watts, with whom she has a stepson. Sade and Morgan parted ways in 2007. On National Coming Out Day in 2016, Izaak Theo Adu, the son of Sade, came out as a transgender guy.

How Old Is Carlos Pliego?

Carlos Pliego age is 66 years old, as of now. He was born in 1957 in Spain. He holds Spanish nationality and comes from White ethnicity.

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