Cameron Chapman As Anthony Lockwood | Age, Height, Girlfriend


Cameron Chapman is an American actor who is a rising star. He has garnered a lot of critical acclaim for his performance in Lockwood & Co. as Anthony Lockwood. He’s been praised for his range of emotions and the complexity of his character. He’s also drawn a lot of attention for his commitment to his craft and for his willingness to take risks in his roles. It is unclear at this point in time exactly what the rising star is all about, but this series is likely to pave the way for him to land more notable roles in the future. The series ‘Lockwood & Co.’, has been gaining a lot of traction and has received high praise from critics. The series is a British detective thriller television series developed by Joe Cornish for Netflix based on Jonathan Stroud’s book series of the same name. This has led to more people becoming interested in the actor and has created a platform for him to showcase his talents.

Cameron Chapman Age | How Old Is He In 2023?

There is not a huge age gap between the actor Cameron and the character that he portrays in the teenage fantasy series. Cameron was born on December 15, 2002, so those who were born on the same year have the same star sign as Cameron which is Sagittarius, but Anthony is 18 years old, so there isn’t as much of a difference in their ages.

Cameron Chapman Net Worth At A Glance

Cameron Chapman’s net worth is $1 M, as of 2023. Acting is his primary source of income, as of now. Cameron has built his net worth primarily through his acting work.


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Cameron Chapman On Instagram

Despite the fact that the actor is on Instagram, Cameron has only shared two posts which both promote the new project he is currently working on. This could be because the actor may be trying to avoid getting caught up in the online drama and criticisms that often come with having a large online presence. He may also just be focusing on promoting his new project and not wanting to get sidetracked.


Is Cameron Chapman Dating?

Cameron Chapman has been single for the past year and is not actively looking for a partner. He is currently focused on his career and other personal goals.

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