Who Is Basit Eniafe, Lovestruck High Contestant?

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Basit Eniafe is a British model and musician who is presently a cast member on the Lovestruck High reality television program. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, but now resides in London, England. In an interview, Basit said that one of his objectives is to tour the United States, which is why he agreed to appear on the program.

Basit appears on Amazon Prime’s Lindsay Lohan-hosted dating show Lovestruck High. The 15 British singles are transplanted to a typical American high school and immersed in a world of homecoming, cheering, and proms, much like they were in movies. The Prom Queen is the winner who wins $100,000 as a prize. Who Is Basit Eniafe, Lovestruck High Contestant?

Basit Eniafe, Lovestruck High Contestant

Basit Eniafe is a 27-year-old actress. He is a musician who performs in the band STRZ, with Filippo Strafella, an Italian producer. They have a song available on Spotify. In late 2021, Basit Eniade competed in the Irish reality singing competition Last Singer Standing, which aired on RTÉ One. In addition, Basit will star in the Amazon Prime series Lovestruck High, which debuted on May 18, 2022 with three episodes. The final two installments will air on June 1.

Basit Eniafe Sexuality

Basit is a proudly gay man. In an interview, he stated that coming out was his proudest moment due of his Nigerian heritage. He overcome his fear of rejection and told his family about it.

There are no details regarding the status of their current connection. He has, however, uploaded photographs of himself with males, claiming them as best buddies. In August 2019, he posted a photo of himself with a friend named David on Instagram during the Brighton Pride month procession.

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Basit Eniafe Wiki, Bio

There is no Wikipedia page for Basit Eniafe yet. Nonetheless, the following are some facts about his life and career. The parents of Bas enf are Nigerian immigrants who moved to Ireland after living in Nigeria for 27 years. He has a black/African heritage.

His Instagram handle is Bas enf. Basit is a marketing strategy that has worked for companies like Skins Under Armour, Powerwave Fitness Shoot, Vitacoco enhanced drinks, and others. Basit is also a member of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Brit Crew, which serves as “eye candy” for viewers and participants on the show’s British version.

Eniafe was a member of the Spanish singing competition Sing On! He was one of Spain’s music testers on the country’s Music Department. He studied theater and drama at Christ Church, Canterbury.

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