Austin Harrouff Now: Story, Sentence, Reddit Story

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Austin is a suspect in the murder of two people, and his case has intrigued many. Learn more about Austin, including his past. On August 16, 2016, Austin murdered Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens, both college students. Explore more about Austin Harrouff‘s wiki, bio, age, height, weight, net worth, career and many more facts about him.

What Happened To Austin Harrouff?

Austin Harrouff killed and ate his mother’s boyfriends in their garage before being captured by cops.

Cannibalism is one of the cases listed in his file. He was a student at Florida State University, and he is also an avid bodybuilder with a love for American football.

A Seminole High School graduate, he attended Florida State University.

Austin Harrouff Story

After the date of discovery, Michael Martin was arrested. In total, there were 7 cases of cannibalism that occurred after 2010.

He was 19 years old when he attempted to kill a couple. On the day of the crime, he was acting strangely. She changed the police after her mother became concerned about him leaving home with a knife following an unusual meal on that day.

The cops showed up afterward, however, and shot the guy who was standing in a garage.

He kept eating the other individual’s face and getting closer to their midsection even after he had been detained by police. It was later discovered that due to his extreme death sentence, he had mental issues.

Austin Harrouff Sentence

Austin Harrouff’s official Wikipedia page doesn’t include his biography. Austin’s case has yet to be solved and hasn’t reached a conclusion after several years.

The most recent report on him was a year ago, and it is yet to be decided if he will face charges due to his mental illness. If he is convicted, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment by the court.

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Where Is He Now? Reddit Story

The records of Austin Harrouff’s recent activities are unknown. Currently, Harrouff is undergoing treatment and being treated for schizophrenia at the Martin County Jail.

If the court rules him mentally insane, the doctor eventually recommended that he be admitted to a mental institution without further ado.

His tale went viral on a number of social media sites, including Reddit. An anonymous individual who was detained by local police immediately after uploading the photo posted his face.

It’s been reported that he had a slice of red meat stuck in his teeth. The flesh appears to have come from the victim’s face.

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