Audrey Cunningham Found Dead In River: Parents, Wikipedia, Age, Murder

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Audrii Cunningham hails from Texas who was found dead, on February 20, 2024. She was found in the Trinity River near the US Highway 59 bridge in Livingston, Polk County Sheriff Byron Lyons. The town of Livingston must be in shock after an 11-year-old girl disappeared trying to catch her school bus that morning.

People are talking a lot on the internet about Audrey Cunningham’s parents. They’re probably really worried since Audrey went missing. When the 11-year-old girl was last seen on February 15 at her home in Polk County, Texas, on the 100 block of Lakeside Drive, she was supposed to board her school bus that morning. However, that day, she never showed up for class.

Audrey Cunningham Parents

Following their daughter’s strange disappearance, Audrey Cunningham’s parents, Cassie Matthews and Joshua Cunningham found themselves in the spotlight. After Cassie and Joshua’s first divorce, Audrey Joshua’s father kept custody.

Audrey Cunningham’s mom:
Cassie Matthews

Cassie and Joshua are no longer together but they continue to co-parent despite their divorce. Audrey disappeared and now media attention has shifted to their house which is now a central focus of a police investigation. Joshua is sharing his apartment in Livingston with Audrey and other family members while Cassie is staying elsewhere.

Joshua has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, but Cassie has emerged as the tragedy’s public face. Despite a significant tragedy, the young woman has shown herself to be quite composed and resolute.

Audrey Cunningham Mom: Meet Cassie Matthews

Cassie Matthews, her mother has taken up the charge in the search for Audrey. Since her daughter initially vanished, Cassie has shown amazing courage and inner strength. It was her who made the first inquiry to the police. Cassie hasn’t stopped seeking justice all the information since then.

Cassie has been able to remain composed and brave in spite of the excruciating sorrow of not knowing where her kid is. She has consistently made public appeals and kept her daughter’s tale in the spotlight throughout police press conferences.

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Audrey Cunningham

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Even when things stalled and the lead ran out, Cassie not gave up. She discovered inner strength that allowed her to continue fighting when others might have given up. Cassie also had to deal with the media’s scrutiny of her ties to and relations with her relatives.

Volunteers activated the community, issued fliers, and coordinated searches with Cassie. Audrey’s activities brought attention to her case both nationally and state-wide. Audrey’s father was friends with someone of interest raised uneasy suspicions. Cassie has handled the circumstance with grace and respect.


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