Ateez Members Profile: Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Facts

Ateez Members Profile: Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Facts
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Ateez is a South Korean boy group formed by KQ Entertainment based in South Korea. The group consists of eight members named, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. Recently, the group has released five Korean-language EPs, one full-length album, and two Japanese albums. Beside this, the group also 3.4 million + followers under their Instagram account. Tune in article and explore more about the Ateez’s boys group.

Ateez Wikipedia

1. Mingi (Ateez)

Mingi is a well known member of group Ateez. Moreover, he has begun experiencing psychological anxiety. The company released a statement to fans to alert ATINY that the rapper will be taking a temporary hiatus to recover. Link in below bio for full information.

2. San (Ateez)

San is a singer and rapper of the boys band group Ateez. He has surpassed million of followers under his Instagram account. He rose to prominence for his singing and rapping skills.

3. Yunho (Ateez)

Yunho’s group Ateez announced their first comeback EP, Treasure EP.2: Zero to One, with a teaser on SNS. He is the ‘The Master of Face Expressions’ as his role model and expressed his admiration.

4. Yeosang (Ateez)

Yeosang is already known as a fan of ATEEZ and he often express his feelings. He has posted about ATEEZ on E’LAST’s fan cafe so many times, almost on every broadcast he talked about ATEEZ. Also he has a phone case with ATEEZ’s picture on it, and has ATEEZ posters in his room.

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5. Wooyoung (Ateez)

Wooyoung is being praised by Seniors and chosen as role models by their fellow rookie idols. He keeps attracting everyone’s attention with their talent.

6. Seonghwa (Ateez)

Seonghwa is really look up to ATEEZ. His stage presence and performances are on the other level. His energy can seen even just watching it through a video, and it makes anyone just as energetic as he is.

7. Jongho (Ateez)

Jongho is the next rising stars of the boys band group Ateez. He is the idol of the group. He get into public eye with good performance since he like dancing. Moreover, he came super talented member of the band.

8. Hongjoong (Ateez)

Hongjoong is well known for being crazy dancer. He had super high energy & the way he performed is at another level. He had a great taste in music too.

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