Ashley Wala ‘Love Is Blind’ S06: Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Profession, Height, Facts

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Ashley Wala is one of the female contestant of ‘Love Is Blind’ S06 who is praised by her fans a lot. Fans all throughout the world have fallen in love with her because of her attractive charm. Ashley has shown both strength and chance in the season 06 of the show ‘Love Is Blind’ which makes her a pleasant and relatable character to cheer for. She says,

“In my past relationships, guys have felt like I was too good for them because I’m goal-oriented. I refuse to be with someone that dims my light ever again. I’m little bossy and don’t like being told no. I literally have everything. I have the dog, the house, the career, and the family, but I just don’t have my person. That’s why I’m ready to go head first into this experiment.”

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Ashley Wala Profession

Ashley Wala is currently working as a nurse practitioner. She has more than 2,500 followers on her ‘awala24’ Instagram account, as of February 2024. After appearing on the show Love Is Blind S06, she became an ideal for many young girls and one of her said,

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“I felt a connection to you when I came across your page that’s why I reached out. I can’t just inbox you for no reason, if am permitted, I can tell you what I sense because it’s very important you for no reason, if am permitted, I can tell you what I sense because it’s very important dm me love so I can share with you what was revealed to me in my prayers earlier 🙏”

Some of famous characters from the ‘Love Is Blind’ S06 are Chelsea Blackwell, Danielle, Danette, Mackenzie Tenold, Amber Desiree, Sarah Ann and Amy Cai.

How Old Is Ashley Wala?

Ashley Wala age is 32 years old, as of 2024. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches tall (1.62 m). She comes from mixed ethnicity. Her body weight is about 71 Kg or (156 lb). She has black eyes and has curly blonde hair.

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Lesser Known Facts About Ashley Wala

  • Ashley Wala prefers chicken over pizza.
  • She prefers sugar over salt.
  • She prefers the sea over mountains.
  • She prefers hats over socks.
  • She prefers pasta over noodles.
  • She prefers robots over dinosaurs.
  • She prefers main characters over villains.
  • She prefers handwriting over typing.
  • Ashley Wala’s ideal type: Someone kind-hearted and intellectual.


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