Who Is Angela Simmons Boyfriend in 2022?

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‘Growing Up Hip-Hop’ depicts the children of Hip-Hop’s legends and pioneers’ lives. It’s fascinating to watch how the next generation interacts with their parents and fits in with the amazing culture of Hip-Hop. The camera follows them as they deal with fame, demands, and difficulties that come with being a child of a celebrity.

The show features the daughter of hip-hop pioneer and rapper Joseph Simmons, Angela Simmons, and his wife, Valerie Vaughn. Apart from ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ Angela has appeared in shows such as ‘Daddy’s Girls,’ ‘Run’s House,’ and ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.’

This outstanding TV personality is also a fantastic fashion designer and has tried her hand at entrepreneurship. Naturally, fans are curious to know if Angela has someone special in her life now that she’s had so much success at a young age. Let’s see what happens next .

Angela Simmons’ Former Relationships

Angela has had a busy dating life. In 2006, she was said to be seeing the rapper Bow Wow before hooking up with Terry “TK” Kennedy.

Her second relationship also didn’t work out, and Angela returned to Bow Wow again, but the pair split in 2009. In ‘Atlanta: Growing Up Hip-Hop,’ Angela revealed that they didn’t work out because “He (Bow Wow) was not prepared” for a long commitment. They have remained solid friends ever since.

After Angela’s divorce from Bow Wow, her dating life has been the subject of much speculation. In 2009, she was said to be engaged to music star Oscar Salinas. During the 2010 NFL season, the TV presenter was observed with Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers and Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian.

In 2012, it was rumored that she had dated rap artist Romeo Miller, but the rumors were quickly debunked. In 2014, Angela was linked to businessman Knowledge Katti and model Morgan O’Connor, neither of whom have been verified.

Angela Simmons’ Ex-Fiancé

Angela Simmons dated Sutton Tennyson in 2016, and the pair got engaged soon after. It was a happy moment for Angela as she exuberantly declared her engagement to her love to the world. The couple gave birth to their son, Sutton Joseph, in September 2016.

The timely arrival of their young son brought even more delight to the couple, who were raptly happy in their own world. The relationship did not work out, and in December 2017, Angela announced that the pair had decided to call off their engagement.

According to reports, around the same time, Angela filed a protection order against her ex-fiancé, alleging domestic violence. The pair was locked in a custody battle for some time; Angela was given temporary care of their child in July 2018. Tennyson, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with this outcome and wanted joint custody. On November 3, 2018, Sutton Tennyson lost his life unexpectedly.

Sutton Tennyson, 37, was murdered 13 times outside his house in Atlanta on November 3. The autopsy revealed that the bullet wounds were caused by a .45 caliber weapon. Despite the fact that Angela and her son obtained some closure after the alleged perpetrator surrendered himself, she felt it tough to get over the loss of her ex-fiancé.

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Angela Simmons’ Son

In September 2016, Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson welcomed their son, Sutton Joseph. After their divorce, Angela was granted temporary custody of her child. Since the death of his father, Sutton Joseph has been living with his mother, Angela. It appears that everything in Angela’s life revolves around her kid; she has put all of her efforts into being a great parent.

Furthermore, Angela has stated that she is unable to discuss her late ex-fiance with her son, and whenever Joseph discusses his father, she becomes emotionally distressed. She appears to be enjoying motherhood now and creating memories with her child on social media, which she shares with her followers.

Is Angela Simmons Dating Anyone?

Following their appearance in public together in September 2018, Angela Simmons and Khalil Mack were reported to be dating. However, by the end of 2018, the pair appeared to have split up.

After getting involved with Khalil, Angela has been rumored to be seeing Romeo Miller and Bow Wow, but these claims have been debunked. In 2020, Angela revealed her relationship with Daniel Jacobs to the world. The two appeared to be enjoying each other’s company and displaying obvious affection for one another.

It has been claimed that by early 2021, the pair’s photographs had all been deleted from social media outlets, leading to the supposition that they had broken up around Christmas 2020.

Angela is not presently linked to anybody else, and her photos and postings on social media indicate as much. As a result, it appears that Angela Simmons is presently single and devoting herself to developing her business while being an excellent parent to little Sutton Joseph.

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