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Andrey Botikov, a scientist who was part of the team that developed the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in 2020, was found strangled to death with a belt in northwest Moscow, in his apartment in St. Petersburg. He was initially reported to have been able to survive the attack by an intruder who had broken into his house due to a money dispute with the family. The circumstances surrounding Kagansky’s death remain unclear, and the investigation is ongoing. Some have speculated that his death may have been related to his work on the COVID-19 vaccine, but no evidence has been presented to support this theory.

Who Was Andrey Botikov?

  • Andrey Botikov was a senior researcher at the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology.
  • Prior to this, he worked as a senior scientist at the Russian State Collection of Viruses of DI Ivanovsky Institute of Virology.
  • Botikov was one of the 18 scientists who contributed to the development of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in 2020.
  • The Sputnik V vaccine was the first registered combination vector vaccine against Covid-19.
  • Andrey Botikov’s work on the Sputnik V vaccine was recognized with an Order of Merit for the Fatherland.
  • He was 47 years old, as at the time of his death.

Andrey Botikov Wife, Children

Andrey Botikov’s wife name is not known. Though, he was a married man. His children names are also not known. He never took his personal life in media and limelight. He was a very private person who kept his personal life separate from his professional one. He was not one to boast about his family, and it is likely that he wanted to protect his children from the spotlight.

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Andrey Botikov Murder Or Suicide

Andrey Botikov alleged suicide following his axing from his job combating “extremism” for Russia’s Interior Ministry. Following his case, “Alexei Z”, as he is referred to in the Russian media, has been identified as a former convict who served 10 years in prison for allegedly providing sexual services to minors.

As reported earlier this month, Russian General Vladimir Makarov was found dead in his country home with gunshot wounds in what appeared to be a suicide. An earlier case of a sausage tycoon, Pavel Antov, who died after falling out of a window while staying at a hotel in New Delhi, was discovered dead just a short time before this one.

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