How did Amiir Nelson died, Prince’s son – Here’s what we know

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Amiir Nelson was the son of Prince who was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer and Mayte Garcia, who is an American dancer, actress and singer. She was married to Prince for four years and has worked with various music artists. Amiir had Pfeiffer syndrome type 2 which affects the skull, blocking the brain. It gave him severe deformity. After 7 days, he succumbed to breathing problems. Find more about How did Amiir Nelson died, Prince’s son – Here’s what we know.

Who was Amiir Nelson?

Amiir Nelson was born a month early on October 16, 1996 in Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and lived just seven days before succumbing to breathing difficulties and died on 23 October 1996. His birth name was Amiir Gregory Nelson. His grandparent names are John L. Nelson, Mattie Della Shaw Baker, John Garcia, Janelle Garcia.

Amiir Nelson Disease

Amiir Nelson died of Pfeiffer syndrome type 2, a genetic disease that affects less than one in a hundred thousand individuals worldwide, shattered their delight only minutes after the c-section delivery.

Pfeiffer type 2 impairs normal skull development, leading to abnormal fusion of skull bones and a sunken central facial region. The brain will not develop normally unless the patient has risky and expensive surgery to de-tangle the bones.

When Amiir passed away, Mayte Garcia admits that she still thinks about her baby boy, and how writing the memoir brought back many of the heartbreaking memories from this time.

“I’ve been making notes of my life but when it finally came time to write it, it took me back and I cried many tears,’ says Garcia, who wanted to make sure that she wrote the book ‘from love.”

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Amiir Nelson Parents

Amiir Nelson’s mother, Garcia has previously discussed the tragic loss of Amiir, revealing the overwhelming anguish that ultimately led to the couple’s divorce after a miscarriage a year later. The physicians warned her throughout her pregnancy, and her book describes their first view of the doomed baby and his short and tormented life.

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Garcia, who had begun performing for Prince at the tender age of 16, was just 22 years old and had been married to Prince for a few of months when she began to bleed heavily during her pregnancy and ultrasounds revealed disturbing pictures.


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