Alexander Kononov: Ukraine Volunteer Shot To Death By Russian Troops

Alexander Kononov, a disabled individual, was gunned down by Russian troops during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia dispute. Inhumane behavior has sparked outrage on social media. Alexander is a regular guy who has been affected by the continuing war between his country and Ukraine.

The conflict has damaged thousands of people. The differently able, Alexander was living in his house in the village of Borivskyi in the Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine. The Russian troop forced themselves into his house and shot him to death. Alexander Kononov: Ukraine Volunteer Shot To Death By Russian Troops.

Who Is Alexander Kononov: Ukraine Volunteer Shot Death

According to the governor of the region, a differently-abled individual named Alexander Kononov was killed by Russian troops.

He specialized in providing food, water, and medical care to Ukrainian soldiers. He was murdered in his wheelchair and officially announced on Facebook by the governor. The death of this man has caused sadness among his neighbors.

After being injured at a steel factory in Ukraine, Kononov lost his right arm and leg. Since 2014, he has been assisting the Ukrainian soldier after the Russia-Ukraine conflict began.

Alexander was captured by pro-Russian rebels at a checkpoint and tortured during the conflict. Alexander’s gentle disposition and helpful attitude will be missed by Ukrainians.

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Alexander Kononov Age

Alexander has not spoken about his age on the media, thus far. He appears to be in his 40s to 45s. He prefers to live a low-key existence away from the limelight.

In October 2014, Konovov was released from captivity in exchange for other captives, according to local media. He has been living in war since 2014 and was murdered in 2022.

worldwide are passing their condolences to the brave lost one.

Alexander Kononov Family And Parents

Alexander’s family background remains a mystery, and his identity is still nonexistent on the internet.

He was said to be living alone and helping the Ukrainian military. The family in sorrow, on the other hand, is arranging for the final funeral and obituary announcement.

They are keeping a safe distance from the press. Alexander lost his right arm and left leg when he was caught in an explosion at a steel plant in Ukraine. Alexander decided to continue assisting the Ukrainian military as a result of his disability.

Alexander Kononov Facebook

Alexander was a military man who avoided social media. Alexander’s information, however, are all over social media owing to his death.

Governor Haidai’s Facebook profile was the first to announce Alexnder’s death. Thousands of people have liked the post.

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