Alexa Jeong’s Wiki: Daughter Of Stand-up Comedian Ken Jeong

Alexa Jeong is the daughter of Ken Jeong and Tran Jeong who are married since 2004. When he first met Tran Ho, she was a physician and Ken Jeong was also working in the medical field. In September 2004, the couple tied the knot and in 2007 and they became parents to identical twin daughters named Alexa and Zooey.

How Old Is Alexa Jeong?

Alexa Jeong was born in 2007, as per People. She is 16 years old, as of now. When she was just a year old, her mother Tran was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was diagnosed with the illness after finding a lump in her breast. Ken received a job offer at around the same time to play Leslie Chow in The Hangover which would further grow his career.

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With young daughters and cancer treatment, Tran suggested her husband to take the chance. Ken wrote in a 2011 personal essay for HuffPost,

“I was going to turn it down, but Tran encouraged me not to. She would not let her diagnosis change our lives or strip us from our dreams. For as long as we’d known each other, she’d been my biggest champion in my efforts to pursue a career in comedy. She knew this was my chance, and again, she selflessly put herself second.”

Alexa Jeong Wiki

Alexa Jeong and her twin sister Zooey are mostly stay out of the spotlight. Throughout the years, there have been a few occasions when girls have attended premieres and other events alongside their parents. And aside the fact that they are identical twins, Ken has been outspoken about loving their differences and appreciating what makes each of his daughters special. In 2017 via an interview with People mag he said,

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“There is something special and different about being a father to twin daughters. I have not one but two ‘Daddy’s little girls,’ and you have double that dynamic in a lot of ways. It really is just double the sweetness. There’s something to be said about that.”

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What Alexa Jeong Loves?

Alexa Jeong loves gymnastics and also have taken a few tumbling classes. She really had an aptitude and a passion for gymnastics. Her sister Zooey, on the other hand, loves comedy. She’s guest starred on Dr. Ken, and it’s been fun having shared experiences as well.

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