Alberto Bravo Wiki: Griselda Blanco’s Third Husband

Alberto Bravo was married with Griselda Blanco who Often dubbed the ‘Godmother of Cocaine’ and ‘The Black Widow’. Famous for her ruthlessness and lack of regret, the debauched billionaire would occasionally force men and women to engage in sexual relations at gunpoint. Let’s find out about Griselda Blanco’s love life and the four men she married.

Who Is Alberto Bravo?

Alberto Bravo was the third husband of Griselda Blanco and she married for the four times in life. She and her first husband, Carlos Trujillo, had three sons together in Medellín, all born before Blanco was 21.

With her third husband, Darío Sepúlveda gave birth to her youngest son, Michael Corleone Blanco, named after the fictional character of the same name. In 1983, Sepúlveda parted ways with her, went back to Colombia, and abducted Michael due to a disagreement between Blanco and him regarding custody.

Blanco paid for Sepúlveda’s murder in Colombia and her son was brought back to her in the United States. According to the Miami New Times,

“Michael’s father and older siblings were all killed before he reached adulthood. His mother was in prison for most of his childhood and teenage years, and he was raised by his maternal grandmother and legal guardians.”

Michael was put under house arrest after a sentencing on two felony counts of cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, in 2012. In 2018, he made an appearance on an Evil Lives Here documentary on Investigation Discovery, sharing stories of his mistreated upbringing. In the 2019 season of Cartel Crew on VH1, he played a supporting role in the story of drug lord descendants. He also runs a clothing brand, “Pure Blanco.” According to Michael, his mother became a born-again Christian in her later years.

Where Is Alberto Bravo Now?

Alberto Bravo is now leading a private life. He has chosen to step away from the public eye and focus on his personal life. Although he may no longer be in the public eye but fans often wondered what he has been up to now.

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