Adjoa Andoh Net Worth | How Much She Get Paid For Movies?

Adjoa Andoh is an accomplished actress in both stage and screen productions. She has performed in many acclaimed plays, including roles at the Royal National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Her most notable stage role was as the lead in August Wilson’s play ‘Joe Turner’s Come and Gone’. She became an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, in July 2022. Adjoa Andoh Net Worth | How Much She Earning From Movies?

Adjoa Andoh Net Worth In 2023

Adjoa Andoh’s net worth is $6 million – $8 million, as of 2023. She was a member of the BBC’s Radio Drama Company. She appeared in Noel Clarke’s 2008 film Adulthood and its 2016 sequel Brotherhood as the mother of Clarke’s character, Sam Peel. She was cast in the video game Fable, in 2004.

She provided the voice of war chief Sona in the video game Horizon Zero Dawn, in 2017. She has worked extensively in the theatre.


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How Much Adjoa Andoh Get Paid For Movies?

Adjoa Andoh is a veteran British actress who has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Her extensive resume includes dozens of film, television, and stage roles. Despite her long career, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact salary for every role she takes on.

However, most actors of her calibre typically earn salaries that range from $50,000 to $150,000 per movie. Additionally, depending on the size of the role and the budget of the film, they may receive a percentage of what is earned in box office receipts or merchandise sales.


Given her experience and long career in the entertainment industry, it’s likely that Adjoa Andoh commands a higher salary than the average actor.

However, it’s hard to give an exact figure without knowing specific details about her roles or the films she has worked on. Ultimately, the only way to determine how much Adjoa Andoh gets paid for movies is for her to disclose her own compensation information.

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