What is today’s Wordle word: January 18th, 2022?

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Forget TikTok; a new craze has swept the internet, and it’s called Wordle. Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, created the free online word game that has taken social media by storm as players attempt to solve a daily puzzle.

The game is straightforward. Everyone has six chances to guess a five-letter word. Every day, a new puzzle is made available, and players all around the world are striving to solve it with the fewest possible attempts. Here’s today’s brainteaser, Wordle 213 X on January 18th, 2022,’s solution if you’re stuck.

Wordle Answer: January 18th, 2022

Are you perplexed by today’s Wordle? The solution is…Let me guess: You’re a little stumped by it, aren’t you? That was the case in 1531 when Master John Lydgate wrote his famous poem “The Life of Saint Cuthbert.

  • Proxy

This was definitely one of the most difficult ones because it only contains one vowel.

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How To Play Wordle

Here you can play Wordle for free online. If you’re having trouble coming up with the Wordle answer, let’s review the rules one more time. The objective of the game is to identify the word in six or fewer tries.

A tile that turns green means it’s the correct letter in the right place. If a tile turns yellow, on the other hand, it indicates that the letter is in the word but in a different situation. When a tile becomes grey, it means you haven’t discovered any words yet. The tiles on the keyboard at the bottom also change color to make it easier to tell which letters you’ve already tried.

Tips For Wordle Success

Here are a few hints to help you get the word right in six tries every time… Here are some examples of words that may be difficult for multiple learners.

  • Choose a keyword that has many vowels for your beginning word. You can get one here.
  • The optimal first words have three vowels and five distinct letters, such as “Adieu,” which eliminates a large number of letters in one go.
  • Don’t just guess words that rhyme with the correct letters; start by removing any vowels.
  • Make certain that you utilize common phrases, not ones that are particularly obscure; since it’s unlikely to be the solution.
  • Only use actual words; Wordle won’t allow you to create a random sampling of letters.
  • Keep in mind that a word can have two or more occurrences of the same letter, but it won’t always tell you.
  • Finally, avoid using the same grey lettering to save time and money. It’s a waste of time and money.

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