Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day Answer #229: Feb 3rd 2022

Wordle’s popularity, which was boosted by the New York Times’ acquisition this week, is only growing. In October 2021, Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle launched the free online word game. However, after describing the success as “overwhelming,” he sold it to the newspaper giant for a seven-figure price this week.

Wordle will continue to be free to play for everyone, but it’s unclear whether the game’s appearance will change as a result of the purchase.

#229 on Thursday, February 3rd is where you’ll find the solution if you’re having trouble with today’s Wordle.

Have A Go At Hard Mode

You might feel like you’re a Wordle master after several weeks of playing the game, but you may be yearning for it to be a bit more challenging. Fortunately, there is a “hard mode” option that accomplishes just that. When employed, Wordle specifies that “any revealed hints must be utilized in the next attempts.”

Essentially, this entails including the appropriate letters from your previous guess in the next word. This eliminates the ability to eliminate new letters with your guesses, making the game considerably more difficult.

To turn it on, open the settings menu by tapping the cog icon in the upper-right corner. Then, press and hold down the “hardest button.” Simply press it again to return your game to normal mode.

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‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day

The simple five-letter word game that has given cumulative pleasure to people during the stressful coronavirus epidemic has been acquired. The free game, which has swiftly become the most loved online, was bought by The New York Times (NYT) and netizens are not amused.

The easy game was created by Brooklyn-based engineer Josh Wardle, who began it as a puzzle to play with his partner during the epidemic and subsequently opened it up to the public.

The newspaper said that the purchase, announced by The Times on Monday, shows how crucial games have become to the company’s goal of having 10 million digital subscribers by 2025.

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