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Who Is Actor Tao Xu As William Gao, In Heartstopper?

William Gao Hardy is a British actor, singer, and model. He plays Tao Xu in the Netflix adaptation of Heartstopper. He’s from South Croydon. He was a member of the Trinity School orchestra and choir. In May 2019, he was accepted into the National Youth Theatre. Who Is Actor Tao Xu As William Gao, In Heartstopper?

The connection between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson’s relationship in Netflix’s Heartstopper has captivated audiences, as has the pair’s group of friends. Fans have also gotten to know Charlie’s closest pals throughout the series, including Tao Xu, who is now interested in learning more about him. Let’s learn a little bit more about this young actor. William Gao is 20 years old and has worked on several projects so far.

Know More About Heartstopper’s William Gao

In Netflix’s Heartstopper, William Gao plays Charlie’s loyal Tao Xu, who is new to the Nick Nelson character. The young actor from London who also happens to be a musician and Beatles enthusiast is off-screen as well. He’s in a band called the Wasia Project that will release its debut EP, How Can I Pretend?, on May 10th (10 May).


How Old Is William Gao?

William Gao is said to be 19 years old. Tao Xu is 15 years old, implying the actor is four years older than his character in real life.

Heartstopper Is His On-Screen Debut

While William Gao is relatively new to the screen, he has prior experience in theatre and was described as having previously worked with the National Youth Theatre. He’s also been credited with collaborating in a number of Shakespeare plays, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Gao, who rose to prominence in China and the Asian continent as a singer-songwriter in his own right, added: “I think it’s really important to be authentic. Part of that means working on yourself – but I’m not an expert at that! And honestly, I’m lazy when it comes to learning new things.

So I try my best to maintain what works for me so that if something bad happens and people start talking about me again… That would just put a period on everything for someone like me.” Gao has also modeled and walked with S.S Daley during London Fashion Week as the National Youth Theatre collaborated with him.

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William Gao FAQs

  • How old is William Gao?
  • William Gao is 20 years old.
  • What is William Gao’s background in acting and music?
  • Prior to his work on Heartstopper, William Gao has acted in several theatre productions and collaborated on numerous Shakespeare plays.
  • He is also a musician who has performed at London Fashion Week with the National Youth Theatre.
  • Additionally, William Gao has released an EP called How Can I Pretend? through his music project, the Wasia Project.

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