Will Sonbuchner’s Wife – Who Is He Married With?

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Will Sonbuchner is well known YouTuber and social media personality. He is known for comedy/food review on his YouTube channel, Best Ever Food Review Show has successfully built a large following on both YouTube and Facebook. He is now working as a professional videographer and editor in Seoul.

With 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 900,000 followers on Facebook, he has gained a significant audience for his food adventures around the world.

He has created a web series, music videos, and short films since relocating to Korea where he honed his passion for filmmaking. He have surpassed 20 million views till now. Tune in bio and explore more about Will Sonbuchner’s Wife – Who Is He Married With?


Will Sonbuchner Wife

Will Sonbuchner’s married life is a secret that he has done to keep hidden from his friends and colleagues for years. Only his closest family members know about his wife, Sarah, whom he married in a small and intimate ceremony, as per sources.


What Is The Net Worth Of Will Sonbuchner?

Will Sonbuchner’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, as of 2023. He started uploading videos to Facebook and YouTube in December 2015.

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Will Sonbuchner Goes To Singapore’s Chinatown

In his video, American YouTuber Sonny Side explores the diverse restaurant offerings of Singapore’s Chinatown Complex. Known for his adventurous taste buds, he tries special dishes such as pig’s trotter and fallopian tubes from various hawker stalls.


He tried exotic Asian meats in his video titled “Exotic Asian Meats!! Singapore’s Extreme China Town Menu!!” which was uploaded on June 11, 2022. Check out the video below,


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