Why did Dave Navarro leave RHCP? Star reunites with Anthony Kiedis

Why did former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Rejoin with bandmate Anthony Kiedis recently? What was his motivation for leaving the group in the first place?

In his short time with the band, Flea left an unforgettable impression on its fans. After spending three years with the band, in 1998, Dave fell away from the group. The group released one album during David’s tenure, 1995’s One Hot Minute.

Why Did Dave Navarro leave RHCP?

In July 1992, The song “Don’t Forget Me” was released as the band’s first single. The video features a woman in a wheelchair at night with nothing but empty seats ahead of her in an airplane. In the song, she says: “I’m rollin’, I’m flyin,’ that seat is comfy and so are you/You keep forgetting me.” -> At the time, RHCP’s record label Warner Bros announced that singer Anthony Kiedis stated, “This is a completely voluntary separation based on creative differences.”

According to online reports, Dave intended to put his efforts into his new band, Spread, which he formed with Chad Smith. Dave, on the other hand, opened up about his departure in a Dark Matter podcast episode in 2018. He explained how he left.

“Then I finally show up for a Chili Peppers rehearsal and we had a tour booked and I honestly couldn’t play a f**king note.

“And Anthony talks about it in his book where I fell like I literally tripped into stacks of speakers and storage gear and whatever. I fell into a bunch of boxes, basically. And I was like, pretty clear, that I wasn’t going to be able to get it together. So, they decided to go in a different direction,” Dave said.

Star Reunites With Bandmate Anthony Kiedis

Dave and Anthony from RHCP got back together just once in the past two decades, for a recent one-off performance at a charity event in Los Angeles. The two sang Lou Reed’s 1972 song, Walk on the Wild Side.

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According to reports, Dave had secured Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Billy Idol as special guests, but the two pulled out. Anthony joined the show for a one-of-a-kind performance and a partial reunion at this point. The show marked the first time the two musicians performed together since 1997.

Fans React To The Musician’s Reunion

Fans were thrilled to see their favorite artists perform on the same stage. Here are a few of the more notable responses.

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