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Who Made RatCoin?

Who created RatCoin the most recent cryptocurrency that has arrive on the market? With the rise of cryptocurrency across the internet as well, more many people want to know how to purchase RatCoin, and if Elon Musk is behind it.

What is RatCoin and where can you buy it?

RatCoin is a brand-new digital currency that, just as with other cryptocurrencies, makes use of technology that is decentralised to handle and track transactions.

You might have heard about Bitcoin that was first introduced in 2009. Since then, many cryptocurrency has been developed because the market has grown in the past.

On their official website, they state that customers can buy and trade through Freak Exchange, Bololex and Stake Center.

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Who made RatCoin?

Who is the person who created RatCoin isn’t mentioned on the official website of the cryptocurrency so the owner isn’t publicly known.

Some sources have linked the cryptocurrency in connection with Elon Musk. In addition, Twitter being Twitter and all, it wasn’t long before an argument to be aired over the Tesla CEO’s connection with RatCoin.

However it is now confirmed the fact that Musk is not the one responsible for RatCoin or is connected to the coin in any sense.

The final verdict in the debate came from the official Twitter account of the cryptocurrency and it was found out that the Tesla CEO wasn’t the person who created RatCoin.

However there are certain Twitter users might have connected Musk to RatCoin due his tweets in the past that endorsed another cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

In February, he uploaded the meme of his face with the Dogecoin symbol, in an homage to a classic movie scene in the Lion King.

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