Who is Sue Gray, the new head of No 10 Christmas parties inquiry?

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Who is Sue Gray, the BBC reports, and who will lead the inquiry into the alleged No 10 parties that have caused a storm in the United Kingdom?

The claims state that parties were held at 10 Downing Street in May and December 2020, which went against the government’s own covid-19 rules at the time.

Sue Gray is in charge of the investigation, but who is she? Let’s learn more about Ms. Gray, the civil servant in charge of the inquiry.

Who is Sue Gray?

Sue Gray is a senior official in the United Kingdom’s government. The Cabinet Office’s Second Permanent Secretary is 64-year-old Sue Gray. She has worked in the Civil Service since the 1970s and joined the Cabinet Office in late 1990s.

Gray has held many positions in the Cabinet Office, including director-general of the Propriety and Ethics Team and head of the Private Offices Group under the Cabinet Secretary. Bill Conlon is my husband, a country music artist from Northern Ireland.

She Is Leading The No 10 Parties Inquiry

She was named as the new chair of the No 10 parties inquiry in December 2021, replacing Simon Case. After it was claimed that one of the gatherings took place in his own office, Case resigned as chairman.A No 10 spokesperson said to the BBC: “To ensure the ongoing investigation retains public confidence, the cabinet secretary [Simon Case] has recused himself for the remainder of the process.”

Gray would take over the investigation and “ascertain the facts and present her conclusions to the prime minister,” according to a statement released by Downing Street.

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Gray’s Other Inquiries

Gray has previously been in charge of an inquiry. In 2012, she was in command of the “plebgate” investigation, which looked into allegations that Conservative chief whip Andrew Mitchell called some police officers “plebs.”

Mitchell resigned as a result of the investigation, but he has always denied using those words. Gray also led an inquiry into Damian Green, who was Theresa May’s second government’s First Secretary of State and Minister for the Cabinet Office.

The inquiry advised him to step down after it ruled he made “inaccurate and misleading” statements after pornography was found on an office computer in 2008.

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