What Is The New Instagram Update?

Instagram continues to add new and innovative features to keep its users engaged. Messaging, Reels, algorithms, feeds, and settings are all subject to continual adjustments, but the most recent change is the addition of seven new messaging capabilities. In March 2022, the app released an intriguing new update that added seven new messaging tools. What is the new Instagram update?

Instagram Announces New Messaging Features

On March 31, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri tweeted about a number of new messaging features with the newest version of the app.

“At the beginning of the year, I talked about how important messaging is to the future of Instagram. So, today I wanted to walk through a couple of hidden gems, new messaging features that you might not know about,” he said.

Instagram also revealed the new features in a blog post in which they said:

“Today, we’re introducing seven new messaging features. As we announced at the end of last year, we’re making more investments in messaging on Instagram to help you connect with your closest friends in more seamless and fun ways.”

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“This announcement is part of our ongoing work to improve how you connect and share with your closest friends,” the social media site continued.

The seven new messaging features are as follows:

  1. One-time passwords for extra security
  2. A do not disturb mode to silence notifications
  3. Mute messages from certain friends for a period of time
  4. Reply privately in a group message
  5. Mark chats as read or unread
  6. Add participants to an existing group chat
  7. Send large videos and photos

As with any new update, there will undoubtedly be some users who are unhappy with the changes. However, the addition of these new features shows that Instagram is continuing to focus on messaging and its users’ needs.

With more people using Instagram for communication, it is important that the app continues to evolve and provide the best possible messaging experience. You can read more about the new messaging features on the Instagram blog.

Only Available In Selected Countries

Only certain countries have access to the new messaging features at this time, according to Instagram. They will be rolled out globally, however. It’s unclear right now which countries the functions are available in, but Instagram claims that they’ll be accessible in “a number of countries.”

“These new features are available in select countries, with plans to expand globally. This is part of our ongoing work to improve how you connect and share with your closest friends. Stay tuned for more fun ways to connect.”

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