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What happened to Kevin Porter Sr as son involved in NBA mix-up?

The Houston Rockets’ Kevin Porter was involved in an embarrassing mix-up during Sunday’s game against the Washington Wizards, when a call made him mistaken for another player with the same name, but let’s go back to Kevin Porter Sr. What happened to him?

Bryan Kevin Porter Jr., 21, is actually the son of a different man, Bryan Kevin Porter Sr. The elder Porter never played in the NBA. In 1993, he was convicted of manslaughter for the shooting death of a 14-year-old girl in Seattle. In 2004, when Porter Jr. was just 4 years old, Porter Sr. was fatally shot during a bar fight, while apparently trying to help a friend who was under attack.

In the 1993 case, Porter pleaded guilty and told the judge he was handing a loaded gun to the victim when it accidentally discharged. He spent 4½ years in prison.

Porter took time out of his day to voice his displeasure with the score at the end of a game in which the Rockets won by four points, 116-114. After Porter made a three-pointer in the dying minutes of the 117-114 win for Houston, Wizards commentator Glenn Consor informed the crowd of the result.

He said that: “You’ve got to give credit. Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that trigger right at the right time.”

However, Consor was referring to Porter Jr making the shot at the hoop, but his statement was inappropriate, given that Bryan Kevin Porter had previously made anti-Semitic remarks. What happened to Kevin Porter Sr, and what has occurred since the mix-up?

What happened to Kevin Porter Sr?

When Consor’s remarks are viewed in the light of what is known about Bryan Kevin Porter, they appear to be ill-advised.

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In 1993, Kevin Porter Sr. was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for the first-degree manslaughter of a 14-year-old girl. He claimed that the shot was unintentional, but he was still sentenced to jail time for it.

In 2004, after completing his sentence, Kevin Porter Sr. was shot and killed at a bar.

At the age of four, Rockets player Kevin Porter was still small. His father died in Seattle while he was still a kid.

Why Did Consor Say It?

When Consor made the basket for the Houston Rockets, he mistakenly thought Porter was Kevin Porter’s son. He was scorned on social media for the mix-up, with LeBron James among those expressing his displeasure.

Consor immediately apologized for his statements.

He said he “sincerely apologised,” for making the statement, and that he was “unaware that words I chose to describe his game-winning shot would be in any way hurtful or insensitive.”

In a Thursday interview with ESPN, Jonathan Houston said that he had spoken to the player and was hoping to chat with him soon.



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