What Happened To Wendy Chabert: Lacey Chabert Sister Death Cause

Is it true that Wendy Chabert died in a vehicle accident? Continue reading to learn more about the death of Lacey Chabert’s sister. Wendy Chabert is best known as Lacey Chabert’s older sister. Her family confirmed her passing via social media. Many celebrities subsequently paid their respects to her family on Twitter and Instagram.

Did Wendy Chabert Die In A Car Accident?

The sister of Lacey Chabert, Wendy Chabert, died. However, the cause of her death is still unknown because no one has said so. Rumors, on the other hand, claim that it was a vehicle accident that caused her to die.

On 24 October 2021, her sister confirmed the death with a post on her public Instagram account, @thereallacey. She then posted another item on Thanksgiving day. Now two days later, in celebration of Christmas at Castle Hart’s original premiere, she stated that the loss had shattered her heart.

Wendy Chabert, of Cajun (French), Italian, English, and Scottish ancestry, died at 46. She was the daughter of Julie (Johnson) and Tony Chabert, an oil company representative. Aside from her parents, she has two additional sisters: TJ and Chrissy.

She resided with her spouse, Shane Riggio, and two youngsters in Texas. Her marital life, on the other hand, was probably not ideal since she was going through divorce proceedings. She filed for divorce in August 2019, which is still pending. She has also sought a divorce twice before: in 2010 and 2017, both of which were denied.

Unlike Lacey, Wendy kept to herself. We don’t know much about her personally. However, it looks like she formerly worked as a baker. There has been no news of her death on the television or in the papers yet. Her soul must be at rest, and her family must be given all the support they need to get through this difficult time.

Wendy Chabert: Death Cause And Obituary

After Lacey Chabert announced the death of her sister Wendy, it was all over the internet. Furthermore, just her passing away was reported. For the time being, we do not know why she died. Her family is devastated and grieving at this difficult moment in their life.

Lacey has uploaded a photograph of her in prayer for Wendy on social media. She also said that the family’s bereavement was devastating. More information about Wendy’s condition is anticipated.

Wendy Chabert Age, How Old Was She?

The date and time of Wendy’s birth have not been revealed yet. However, Lacey will be 42 years old in 2022. Given that, since she is the older sibling of Lacey, Wendy must have been over 40 when she departed this world.

Because she is also the mother of two boys, she may be in her fifties or sixties before her death. Wendy is not yet accessible on Wikipedia, so there isn’t a lot of information about her on the internet. At present, just that she is Cajun’s daughter and has a sister named Crissy Chabert is known.

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Wendy Chabert Sister

Wendy Chabert is Lacey Chabert’s older sister. Wendy has starred in more than 150 films, receiving six honors throughout her career as an actress. Lacey was named the Best Supporting Actress in 2018 by the Independent Film Spirit Awards and the Worst Supporting Actress in 1998 by Stinker Awards.

Lacey has also won two Young Star Awards and a Young Artist Award for her work on Party of Five, as well as an MTV Movie Award in 2005.

She is a married woman who lives a private life. She is married to David Nehdar, with whom she exchanged vows on December 22, 2013, in Los Angeles. Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar is the couple’s only child.

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