Tommy Passemante Net Worth In 2022: Wiki, Height, Age, Wife

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Tommy Passemante is an American television and internet personality with a net worth of $250 thousand. Streetbike Tommy, as he’s known on Nitro Circus, is also part of MTV’s show Nitro Circus and is recognized for having the crew’s most beautiful physique; to impress audiences, Passemato often appears shirtless.

Not for his popularity or ability to complete stunts or ride street bikes, but for one ill-fated attempt to jump a street bike into a foam pit, this former drywall hanger became famous.

Passemante claims he was attempting a front flip and managed to fly headfirst over the large expanse of cushioned foam before crashing into the unyielding ground in his attempt. He had no idea that this half-baked stunt would be the greatest move he ever made at the time. Tommy Passemante Net Worth In 2022: Wiki, Height, Age, Wife.

Tommy Passemante Height & Weight

How tall is Tommy Passemante? He is a handsome man who stands at the perfect height of 5 ft 11 in or 180 cm. Her balanced bodyweight consists of 172 lbs or 78 Kg. His body type is average. His other body measurement is still to get disclosed yet. His hair color is brown and he has a pair of black eyes. Overall, he has got a healthy body with a charming personality.

Tommy Passemante Net Worth In 2022

Tommy’s presence is always fun. His comical ineptness, such as the moment on a Nitro Circus episode when he set the World record for longest jump on a riding lawnmower and resulted in the violent tumbling end-over-end of himself and the mower, adds to his charm.

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When Passemante isn’t putting himself or others in danger for our entertainment, he’s usually found in a club or bar living the rock star life. Moreover, his net worth is estimated to be $250,000.

Tommy Passemante FAQs

How old is Tommy Passemante?

He is 27 years old.

Where does Tommy Passemante live?

Los Angeles, California.

Is Tommy Passemante married?

No, he is not married.

Does Tommy Passemante have any kids?

No, he does not have any children.

What is Tommy Passemante’s net worth?


What is Tommy Passemante’s job?

He is a television and internet personality.

Where did Tommy Passemante go to school?

He did not go to school.

What is Tommy Passemante’s ethnicity?

He is American.

What type of bike does Tommy Passemante ride?

He rides a street bike.

Is Tommy Passemante in Nitro Circus?

Yes, he is in Nitro Circus.

What was Tommy Passemante’s last stunt?

He attempted to jump a street bike into a foam pit.

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