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Til Valhalla Meaning Explained: Marines use of Norse myth explored

If you’re a huge fan or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you will surely have come across Valhalla. Its origins lie from Norse legends, Valhalla is a key part in Thor’s tale as a legendary place in Asgard.

Valhalla has also gained significance in Valhalla’s role within the US Marines.

In the wake of the deaths of 11 Marines in Afghanistan who were who were killed while on duties on Hamid Karzai International Airport on 26 August 2021, a tribute were paid to those who sacrificed their lives for their country.

Certain of these tributes include”til’ Valhalla. “til’ Valhalla.” Let’s reexamine the significance of this expression and its meaning within the world of the Marines.

What is Valhalla?

Valhalla originates from the word Norse Valholl which translates to “hall of slain warriors.” In Norse mythology the fate of the dead in battle is determined through the God Odin. Half of the people who die are taken to Valhalla while the remaining half are sent to Freyja’s fields Folkvangr.

People who are sent to Valhalla are led by the Valkyries The Valkyries Thor: Ragnarok fans will be aware of who we are talking about.

Valhalla is regarded as the place of rest for famous combat heroes and legendary characters alike. They fight all day long and dine each night, getting ready for Ragnarok which is when they are called upon to help Odin.

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Til Valhalla’s meaning in the Marines

“Til” Valhalla is abbreviated to “until Valhalla’. It is thought by soldiers to be a reference to “until we meet again in Valhalla.”

The Til Valhalla Project – a veteran-run organization describes: “No matter who or what you believe in – Until Valhalla is a sign of utmost respect and tells our fallen that we will see them again…and we will.”

to the Marines who died in Afghanistan The tributes been read: “Semper Fi… till Valhalla.”

And what about the history?

Since Valhalla is a part of Norse mythology, it’s difficult to pinpoint the beginning of its use in military terminology.

Another theory suggests that the expression “Til Valhalla” was popularised by the US Marines in Afghanistan. It is believed that this was actually it was the Norwegian Telemark Battalion, professional military units that assisted NATO allies, that popularized the expression. “Til Valhall!” was the alleged slogan of their non-official unit.

Whatever the origin of the phrase might be from, the significance is usually regarded as similar across the world. The phrase is often used in order to honor those who gave their lives in the fight.

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