Netflix: The Whisper Man From Russo Brothers Eying Release

After being optioned by the Russo Brothers in 2018, novelist and screenwriter Nick North’s award-winning thriller The Whisper Man has been slowly developed behind the scenes for years. We’re now hearing that it will be shown on Netflix. The Russo Brothers optioned The Whisper Man just as it was coming out in August 2019. It’s written by British author Alex North, who previously wrote Afraid of the Light and The Shadows.

Four years ago, ScreenDaily was the first to report on the book being optioned, adding that “AGBO’s Mike Larocca (pictured far left next to Joe and Anthony Russo, and Todd Makurath), vice president of production Malcolm Gray, and president of production Mike will serve as executive producers.

” When the book was optioned author Alex North said: “As an enormous fan of Joe and Anthony Russo’s film-making, I am absolutely delighted to be working with AGBO to bring The Whisper Man to the screen. I can’t imagine a better home for it.”

Now, four years on, we know that the project is now being considered for development and subsequent release by Netflix. A new filing seen by What’s On Netflix linked the project to Netflix as of February 2022. Netflix: The Whisper Man From Russo Brothers Eying Release.

Netflix has a history with ABGO

AmAGEN has already collaborated with Netflix on a number of projects. Their most notable collaboration with Netflix to date is Extraction, which will be released in 2019. That was just finished filming.

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They just put out Mosul on the platform, and their next film, The Gray Man, is one of our most anticipated and possibly one of the most expensive movies of 2022.

Naturally, the Russo Brothers also collaborated on Arrested Development and Community, both of which are currently streaming on Netflix all around the world.

The Whisper Man, like a number of other AGBO projects acquired in recent years that have yet to be distributed. Battle of the Planets, All Fun and Games, and The Last Neanderthal are among them.

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