Who Is Teresita Miranda, Singer Chabelo’s Spouse?

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Teresita Miranda is the spouse of Chabelo, who is a Mexican American actor , comedian , television host and children ‘s music singer . He was the host of a children’s program entitled En familia con Chabelo , broadcast for 48 years. Who Is Teresita Miranda, Singer Chabelo’s Spouse?

Teresita Miranda, Chabelo’s Spouse

Teresita Miranda is a Mexican businesswoman and the wife of Chabelo, a popular Mexican comedian, actor, and television host. She is the owner of various businesses in Mexico, including a chain of restaurants.

Teresita Miranda married Chabelo in 1981 and they have three children together: Óscar, Javier and Juan Gabriel. Teresita Miranda is the owner of several businesses in Mexico, including a chain of restaurants called ‘Chabelo’s’. She also has a clothing line called ‘Chabelo’s Clothing’. Teresita Miranda is a very successful businesswoman in her own right.

Teresita Miranda is a very loving and supportive wife to Chabelo. She is always by his side, whether he is working or spending time with their children. Teresita Miranda is a devoted mother and grandmother. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Teresita Miranda is a strong and independent woman who has achieved success in her own right.

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Teresita Miranda Age

How old is Teresita Miranda? She was born in Mexico City on October 5, 1960. She is 62 years old, as of 2022. She holds Mexican nationality like her husband.

Teresita Miranda’s Personal Life

Teresita Miranda’s husband, Chabelo had two sisters, one of them collaborated as secretary of the En familia con Chabelo program. His first wife was Angelita Castany , to whom he was married for two years. Later, he married Teresita Miranda , with whom he had three children: Óscar, Javier and Juan Gabriel.

In October 2008, he was in a car accident: going down to check his vehicle, he was hit by another driver, causing him to sprain and fracture two ribs. He is fond of riding motorcycles, he has a collection of more than 2400 frogs.

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