Taylor Frankie Paul Getting Divorce: TikTok Drama Explained

Taylor Frankie Paul, better known by her stage name TikTok, has never been known as a haven of peace and tranquility, but the drama surrounding Taylor’s husband Tate has taken things to a new height. Drama has erupted on Reddit and TikTok, complicating matters for some who believe Taylor and her spouse are going through divorce proceedings. Taylor Frankie Paul Getting Divorce: TikTok Drama Explained.

Is Taylor Frankie Paul Getting A Divorce?

In the Instagram post, Taylor appears to have declared her and Tate’s divorce. “The past eight days have been the most agony I’ve ever experienced,” Taylor wrote in a message she shared on social media. My family not being together anymore has caused me great sadness.”

After the divorce was announced, Reddit users flocked to discuss what might have caused it. I’ll always adore Tate, though it’s what’s best for us. It will be a long difficult road ahead of me, but I’m hopeful that things can improve from here. “After we broke up, however, I still loved him deeply, although it was what was best for us. There will be a long painful road ahead of me; nevertheless, I am optimistic about the future.”

When individuals first heard the news of their divorce on Reddit, they flooded to discuss why it happened in order to express their condolences and support for both sides of the story. Many people believe that Taylor had an affair with Tate and that many of Tate’s and Taylor’s mutual friends have sided with Tate in the divorce. Redditors also mentioned that Taylor and Tate were already sleeping in separate rooms, suggesting that their marriage was effectively dead for some time.

Taylor Frankie: TikTok Drama Explained

Taylor has also uploaded several TikTok videos in which she makes oblique references to her current circumstances. She states that she is in her twenties, getting divorced, and about to live alone for the first time with her two children in one video. Taylor appears to imply that she just moved into a new home in this video, which features a glimpse of her keys.


She uses the word “stirring” when she says, “I’m like stirring up this storm.” Later in the video, she shows a clip of her moving boxes and comments on how everything in her life is coming apart. It’s worth noting that Taylor remains fairly composed in these videos, but more recently, she threw a major wrench in the tale she’d established with a new video that appeared to suggest the news of her divorce was not what it appeared.

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Is This A Publicity Stunt?

In fact, Taylor’s new video features a montage of photographs of her and Tate together, as well as images of them moving together. “It must be true since it’s on Reddit,” Taylor wrote in the caption.” I’m looking forward to co-parenting with my best friend.” At the very least, it appears like Tate and Taylor will still be living together, which has prompted numerous of her followers to assume.

“Divorce is no laughing matter, so I don’t want them to break up but I’d be sorry it was a joke,” one person wrote. Some said it was a publicity stunt. Whatever’s going on, it looks like we still don’t have the entire story of this potential divorce.

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