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Who Is Taylor Allen? Sativa Transue Boyfriend Allegedly Beat Her To Death

Sativa Transue was beaten to death by her own boyfriend, Taylor Allen. Here is everything to know about his age and family details.

Taylor Allen is charged in Cancun, Mexico as he committed the unforgivable crime of beating her girlfriend to a bloody pulp.

Sativa’s relatives received a call from Mexican authorities at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning, informing them that she was found dead in a hotel.

On Friday night, Allen’s acquaintances received anxious text messages from him, informing them that he had hurt Amora and necessitated stitches.

Who Is Taylor Allen? Sativa Transue Boyfriend

Sative Transue was a 26-year-old woman from Washington who was the lover of Sam Allen, a 37-year-old man.

On Saturday, November 27, a cleaning lady discovered the victim’s body in her hotel room at the $200-per-night All Ritmo Resort. Sativa and Diego are believed to have been dating for more than three years, according to a press release. Sativa used to work in logistics and distribution in Seattle.

She told her friends and sister in the past that Allen possessed a violent ‘beast’ within him that manifested itself when he drank.

Taylor Allen Age And Family Details

According to a report, Taylor Allen is at the age of 31 years old. He has requested privacy for himself and his family.

His girlfriend, who was 27 years old at the time of her death, was with him in Mexico for thanksgiving. They were hundreds of miles away from their relatives and were on vacation in Mexico to celebrate thanksgiving. However, information on Allen’s parents and family members is not available yet. On the other hand, Sativa’s parents are in grief and sorrow at the moment.

Sativa’s bereaved family in Washington is now attempting to arrange for her body to be flown home, but it is being held by authorities pending further investigation.

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Taylor Allen Instagram Profile Explored

Taylor Allen is getting a lot of hate comments on his Instagram posts after the incident.

Although he is not active on Instagram at the moment, people are using his old posts to show their rage against his crime.

You can still find his Instagram account under the username @t_mf_allen. His latest post on his account is a picture with Sativa Transue.

Is Taylor Allen Arrested?

Yes, Taylor Allen was arrested in Mexico for the murder of his girlfriend in a hotel room.

This incident took place during a Thanksgiving getaway after drinking heavily on their sun loungers. It was revealed that the pair had an argument the night before.

It’s unclear where and when Allen was apprehended, but Cancun police tweeted a photo of him in their station wearing a hotel robe on November 29.

She went silent at some point, and her friends became so concerned for her well-being that they called the police.



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