Tacoma Simmons (DMX’s Son) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Siblings, Instagram

Tacoma Simmons is best known as the son of famous rapper DMX. DMX was recently hospitalized due to a heart attack. He is in a grave condition and is on life support. Murray Richman, his attorney, confirmed the following.

However, he didn’t reveal the cause of the heart attack. While he is in a White Plains, New York hospital, his family surrounds him, hoping for his return.

Does Tacoma Have A Girlfriend? Who Are His Siblings?

As of March of 2022, it is unknown if Tacoma has a girlfriend. DMX is a father to 15 children. Out of the 15 children, he had four with Tashera. She often posts pictures of her children on her Instagram.

Tacoma’s three siblings are Xavier Simmons, Praise Mary Ella, and Sean Simmons.

Tacoma Age: How Tall Is He?

DMX’s son Tacoma Simmons is currently 22 years old, as of 2022. However, details regarding his birthdate and place of birth are unavailable. Likewise, we do not know how the exact height of the composer.

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Is Simmons Active On Instagram?

You can find Tacoma on Instagram under the username @tacomasimmons.

Simmons’ Instagram is private, and he has about 750 followers on the platform. With only 28 posts, he is not as active on Instagram.

His Instagram bio explains that he is a true believer in God and claims to be a musical composer.

Who Is Tacoma Simmons?

Tacoma Simmons is a songwriter. However, he leads an extremely private life. Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, was his father and Tashera Simmons was his mother.

DMX and Tashera grew up in New York City; they began dating when they were teenagers. They married in 1999 and had four kids, including Tacoma.

The union lasted 11 years before dissolving in 2013. When he was a youngster, Tacoma was frequently seen with his father. According to reports, the boy and his father went to the premiere of ‘Cradle’ together.

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On an Instagram post, his mother Tashera described Tacoma as “that complicated Child. That pain in the butt. Shy but loud. Giving but selfish. Introverted but extroverted“.

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