Who Is Tabatha Coffey Partner Heather Schuster?

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Tabatha Coffey, an Australian-based American hairstylist who has been dating her partner for 27 years, Heather Schuster, died this week. Coffey was born and raised in New Jersey, and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in hair styling. She rose to prominence after appearing as a stylist on the reality television show “Shear Genius” in 2007. Coffey was known for her passionate personality and no-nonsense attitude. She was also an advocate for LGBTQ rights and often spoke out against discrimination. Who Is Tabatha Coffey Partner Heather Schuster?

Tabatha Coffey Partner Heather Schuster

Tabatha Coffey is a famous Australian hair stylist, salon owner, and television host who rose to fame on the internet after competing in the television program Shear Genius in 2007. She now works in the United States. In 2008, Coffey became more visible in the media after she was asked by Bravo to star in Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, a popular reality program in which she advised struggling salons on how to improve their businesses and careers.

Coffey has also appeared on Make Me a Supermodel Season 2, The Tyra Banks Show, and a few other shows. Coffey is well-known for her professional career as well as her long-term relationship with partner Heather Schuster.

What Happened To Heather Schuster?

Tabatha Coffey recently revealed that her partner, Heather Schuster, is no longer with us, leaving everyone devastated. In an Instagram post, Coffey stated that her 27-year marriage had come to an end. However, Coffey has provided little information regarding Schuster’s death. Fans and followers are devastated, and they are paying homage to the late soul. Apart from that, condolences for Coffey have flooded social media.

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Heather Schuster Illness and Health Update

You’ve probably heard of Tabatha Coffey if you’re familiar with her personal life and connection with Heather Schuster. It is claimed that Coffey’s partner, Schuster, was suffering from a condition for which she has yet to disclose anything.

Everyone was shocked when Coffey provided an update about Schuster’s health recently. As we previously stated, Schuster has passed away, but the cause of her death is unknown because she has yet to provide any information. She has simply said that her partner has lost a fight and been granted his wings.

Heather Schuster Have Passed Away

Tabatha Coffey’s spouse, Heather Schuster, has died and people are worried about the cause of death. As we all know, Tabatha’s mother passed away from cancer as well. Now, fans are concerned that the same thing might have happened to Heather. However, no official statement has been released yet so we cannot confirm anything. All we know is that Tabatha is absolutely devastated by the loss of her partner.

Many publications have picked up the story, including The Sun and TMZ. Many netizens are speculating that Schuster may have the same disease that took her life away from us. Pending the outcome of a police investigation, Coffey is keeping her distance from the press while she mourns for her partner’s death, whom she has known since 1997.

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