Sylvain Desaulniers (Brie Larson’s Dad) Wiki, Wife, Family and Biography

Sylvain Desaulniers is the dad of Brie Larson an actress from the US. As a teenager, she was known for her supporting roles in comedies. Since then, she’s moved on to lead parts in both independent films and big-budget films. His daughter is very famous while he keeps very low life in media and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Owing to his daughter’s fame, Sylvain Desaulniers leads a simple and private life far away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Who Is Sylvain Desaulniers?

Sylvain Desaulniers is a homeopathic chiropractors who ran a practice together with his wife. Couple has two daughters named, Milaine and Brie Larson. He is of Franco-Manitoban; French was Larson’s first language. He holds dual citizenship of Canada and the United States.

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Brie, his daughter, was mostly home-schooled, which she thought gave her more freedom to try new things and think about things in new ways. Larson has talked about how she was “straight-laced and square” as a child and how close she was to her mother, but she was shy and nervous around other people.

Sylvain DesaulniersWiki
Agein his 60s, as of 2023
Born inSacramento, California, U.S.
DaughtersMilaine Larson,
Brie Larson
WifeHeather (Divorced)

Sylvain Desaulniers’ Wife

Sylvain Desaulniers was married with Heather (née Edwards). They separated when Brie Larson and she went trauma at age seven due to her parents’ divorce. She had a dysfunctional relationship with her father, saying:


“As a kid I tried to understand him and understand the situation. But he didn’t do himself any favors. I don’t think he ever really wanted to be a parent.”

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Soon after their separation, Heather relocated to Los Angeles with her two daughters to fulfill Larson’s acting ambition. They didn’t have much money and lived in a small flat near the Burbank Hollywood movie lots. Since, she remembers this time period fondly, she gives her mother credit for doing her best for the family. Larson talked about it this way,

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“We lived in a terrible one-room flat with a bed that stuck out of the wall, and we each had three pieces of clothing”

Where Is Sylvain Desaulniers Now?

Sylvain Desaulniers has chosen to spend a private life and away from the public eye. Brie Larson has Swedish great-grandmother and an American Girl doll she received as a child, Kirsten Larson, inspired the stage name she now goes by: Larson.

Sylvain Desaulniers And Brie Larson Relation

In 2016, Brie discussed her father with Elle, revealing that she hadn’t spoken to or seen her father in over a decade. She explained that their relationship had been complicated since her parents’ divorce when she was just a teenager. In an interview with Elle in 2016 she said,

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“When legally I didn’t have to have visitation with him anymore, I jumped on it. As a kid I tried to understand him and understand the situation. But he didn’t do himself any favors. I don’t think he ever really wanted to be a parent. He reaches out a lot. I don’t have anger; I have gratitude. It took me a really long time to feel that. How could I continue to be fighting and pushing up against something that has only opened doors for me because I’ve united with it? I wouldn’t have been able to do Short Term 12 without it. I wouldn’t have been able to play Ma and make Room if I didn’t have my experience. I can catalogue it in a way so that when the time comes, I can go, ‘Oh, this is an emotional location that I know and I can share it.”

Sylvain Desaulnier said in an interview with Daily Mail,

“It’s my daughter and I love her to death. I don’t want to say more. This is my daughter’s career. This is her life, this is her thing. I’m very proud of her. I’ve got lots of things, lots of photographs from lots of time spent together”

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