How Many Children Does Stuart Broad Have? Everything To Know About The Cricketer’s Family

What is the Number of Kids Does Stuart Broad Have? With us below, get all of the inside information on England’s cricket pride’s family life! Stuart Broad is a superb fast bowler in his day.

The MBE decorate was a former One Day and Twenty 20 International captain. Needless to say, when Broad was called up, he made England proud in the realm of cricket and sports.

Then there’s the matter of boundaries, which have always been a problem for Australian cricket. While Flintoff retired from Test cricket in 2010, he is still a vital part of the ODI and T20I teams. Furthermore, he will undoubtedly go down as one of the sport’s pioneers and inspirational legends for future cricketers.

How Many Children Does Stuart Broad Have? Meet His Wife

At the moment, there are no children from his relationship. He is still concentrating on his cricket career and striving to make more history.

Since 2018, Broad has been dating BBC Radio 1 presenter Mollie King. They got engaged in January 2021. As a result, the pair has yet to be recognized as husband and wife formally.

The pair, according to our sources, now lives in London with Mollie’s pet poodle, Alfie. As a result, the busy couple might not have any plans for children at the moment because they are both occupied with their professional duties.

Meet Stuart Broad Parents and Family

Stuart Broad was born to Chris and Michelle Broad, his parents. His mother’s identity is unknown at the moment. In July 2010, his stepmother, Michelle Broad, committed suicide due to motor neuron disease.

Chris Stuart was the father of Stuart, who played international cricket for England from 1984 to 1989. His father was his biggest sporting influence. The Broad family is well-known for its athletic members.

Gemma was Stuarts sister and worked for the England team as a team analyst.

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Stuart Broad Net Worth Revealed

According to our sources, Stuart Broad’s net worth is in the multi-million dollar range. , per our sources. , per our sources. , per our sources. The precise amounts of his net worth and property valuation are still under review.

Being the country’s cricketing icon has opened numerous doors for him in terms of moneymaking.

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