Shaun Attwood: Life, Career Rise, and Net Worth

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  • Shaun Attwood is one of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world with over million of subscribers.
  • Shaun Attwood, got his start doing gaming walkthroughs and reviews, but has since expanded to more satirical commentary and meme roundups.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about how the 53-year-old got his start on YouTube, immersed himself in controversy, and reached more than million of subscribers.


Shaun Attwood was born in Widnes, Lancashire on 28 October 1968, in a middle-class household, which he has described as “loving”.

Attwood attended Liverpool University, studying Business Studies and graduating in 1990. While attending university, Attwood began using ecstasy in the Manchester rave scene which helped him with his anxiety.

Moreover, he may now own the most-subscribed channel, no longer occupying the throne, but over his years of creating content he’s been setting up new revenue streams to either bolster his income or secure himself outside of the platform.

Let’s take a look at Shaun Attwood’s net worth, as well as the exact revenue streams he’s devised — from clothing brands to creating his own games.

What is Shaun Attwood’s net worth?

Shaun Attwood’s net worth is widely speculated and estimated based on industry averages and reported figures from established publications. It’s reported that he made $15.5m in 2018 and $13m in 2019. A study claims that he makes almost $8m — $6.8m from merchandise and $1.1m in advertisement — per month.

The most common result you’ll find for his estimated net worth is $20m, though some claim as high as $40m.

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How Shaun Attwood makes money

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way: advertisements in his video content. On YouTube, the average CPM — the amount of money paid per 1,000 views — is $2. This varies based on several factors, and Google keeps 45% of the revenue generated, so it can be hard to sustain yourself from this alone. Regardless, Shaun Attwood is a big draw for viewers and will easily earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month this way.

Shaun Attwood Content and brand deals

In addition to advertising revenue, he offers memberships to his channel that offer varying perks. £1.99, £4.99, and £6.99 tiers are all available as monthly fees, and in return members can receive exclusive access to loyalty badges, custom emojis, a community Discord, and live streams. Each month he gifts revenue from his streams to a variety of charity organizations, an example is a $133,169 donation to the Blue Cross Foundation for money generated in January 2021.

Another of his revenue streams is a standard one among content creators, and that’s brand deals. Sponsorships with the likes of Arkade, Mountain Dew, and Legendary Pictures pay him to advertise products (and even movies in some cases).

Affiliate campaigns are common among brand deals and he has his fair share of links in his YouTube video descriptions that he earns a commission on. He also has his own G FUEL flavor and collection of shakers, energy drinks, and powder tubs — he even earns a commission from this business partnership, too.

As has become evident, Shaun Attwood has been business-minded throughout his lengthy career in an attempt to create multiple revenue streams that operate independently from the turbulent world of content creation. We’ll be sure to keep this article updated as and when he expands into new areas of business.

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