How Did Serhiy Perebyinis Wife And Kids Die In Ukraine?

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As of now, Serhiy Perebyinis is the unluckiest individual on earth, since he passed off the lives of his entire family in the Irpin attack. Last week, we reported that the Russian military had attacked Irpin city, and this case is one of the outcomes of that military action.

According to the stories, Serhiy Perebyinis was a married man until recently when he turned out to be a widower after his wife and children perished as result of Russian military action. How Did Serhiy Perebyinis Wife And Kids Die In Ukraine?

Who Is Serhiy Perebyinis?

As a result of being leaked on the internet, this information has received all of the attention on social media, as people are sorry for him and his family abandoned him.

According to the record, Serhiy was the father of two children and husband of his wife, but they were murdered on Sunday by gun fire while attempting to flee Irpin through a damaged bridge.

And the most distressing fact is that Serhiy was not there with his family at that moment to defend and guide them as they fled Irpin.

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Serhiy Perebyinis Wife and Kids Death Photos

According to reports, Serhiy Perebyinis learned of the death of his wife and children on social media hours after their demise, when he saw photographs of his spouse and children on Twitter that must have cut open his heart.

In an interview with the New York Times, Serhiy accepted that the images were photos of his wife and children’s bodies that had been sent to him via Twitter; he also stated that he double-checked them and identified their belongings and baggage strewn all around.

How did Serhiy Perebyinis wife and kids die?

According to the news, Serhiy Perebyinis was married to Tetiana Perebyinis and the pair had two children: Alisa, Mykyta.

Alisa was the eldest child of the family, being 18 years old and a boy named Mykyta. 9-year-old daughter of Serhiy Perebyinis.

The family, unfortunately, could not escape the town of Irpin city and got killed by merciless Russians.

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