Who Is MMA Fighter, Ro Malabanan: Is He Dating?

Ro Malabanan has become a viral sensation within the martial arts community due to his heroic actions when subduing an attacker on the streets of New York City. The Filipino martial artist is a jiu-jitsu black belt, judo yellow belt, boxer, and aspiring actor. When he encountered a homeless individual sucker-punching an excavator operator, Malabanan was on his way to train for boxing. The martial artist responded swiftly by leaping on the attacker’s back and finally finishing the fight. Who Is MMA Fighter, Ro Malabanan: Is He Dating?

Ro Malabanan Height & Weight

How tall is Ro Malabanan? He has very fit and athletic body. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs around 79 Kg. He has dark brown eyes and has blonde hair. As per his education, he is well educated. He do gym on regular basis.

Ro Malabanan Instagram Explored

On his Instagram account, Malabanan updated his followers on the situation and also uploaded a video of the attacker on the ground: “This guy assaulted six people before I got to him. I witnessed him punch someone right in front of me.”

The story went viral in the martial arts community, and even got a response from heavyweight boxer Otto Wallin, who once gave Tyson Fury a hard fight. Wallan liked Ro Malabanan’s actions by using ‘clap’ emojis, which must have gone down well with the Filipino American. The Eagle FC MMA club of Khabib Nurmagomedov noticed the event and responded on Instagram to NBC New York’s interview with Mahlaban with an ‘eagle’ emoji.

Is Ro Malabanan Dating?

There is no information about Ro Malabanan’s dating life. It is not known if he is currently in a relationship or not. He is very focused on his career and may not have time for a relationship. However, he has not ruled out the possibility of finding love in the future. He is open to dating anyone who is compatible with him and shares his values. Ro Malabanan is a private person and does not share much information about his personal life with the public.


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More About Ro Malabanan

Before rushing to the aid of an older victim, the brave mixed martial arts fighter who subdued an assault suspect in Manhattan thought of his mother, he revealed to The Post Friday. Ro Malabanan, a jiu-jitsu black belt of 44 years old, said he used a so-called “seatbelt” move to drag an opponent to the ground after seeing Samuel Frazier, 20, allegedly sucker punch an older construction worker in Soho’s commercial district last week.

“The main thing that spurred me into action was the fear that he may actually hurt another person. What popped up in my mind was my parents because they’re older,” said Malabanan, who is also trained in judo and boxing.

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