Who Is Richard Marks, Johnny Depp’s Lawyer?

Richard Marks is best known as the lawyer of Johnny Depp. On Monday, May 2, Johnny Depp’s personal lawyer Richard Marks was the third person deposed in the case. This week, the entertainment lawyer was the first to appear in person before the court.

In her 2018 op-ed, Heard attacked Depp and claimed that he had verbally and physically assaulted her. On April 24, the judge ordered Marks to testify before the court in order to assess the harm that Heard’s 2018 op-ed and its allegations may have done to Depp’s career.

In his deposition, the Los Angeles attorney stated that a studio would not hire an actor with bad publicity since it might sully the film and franchise. Furthermore, during #Metoo scandals involving Hollywood celebrities were made public, certain stars were canceled. Who Is Richard Marks, Johnny Depp’s Lawyer?

Richard Marks On Johnny Depp’s Career?

After publication, Depp’s lawyer sent a letter to the Washington Post demanding an apology and threatening litigation. The op-ed, according to Marks, served as a warning to the industry. He claims that Heard directly aimed her accusations at Hollywood, blaming it for enabling her alleged abuser Johnny Depp.

When questioned by Heard’s attorney about Depp’s negotiations with Disney concerning Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Marks spoke about the lack of a formal agreement in place. He implied that Disney would have done anything to get Depp back, but not in this kind of situation.

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Richard Marks Deposed At Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard’s Trial

Richard Marks is a lawyer from the Richard Marks & Associates (RMA) firm who specializes in business transactions. According to his website, he has worked with actors such as Eva Longoria, George Foreman, George Lucas, and Barry Weiss. Previously, studios like Disney, Paramount, and Universal had engaged him as an attorney.

As a film and television entertainment lawyer, he has worked on licensing agreements for major streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. After earning his Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1973, Marks had decades of expertise in the field.

According to his website, Mark had worked as an “expert witness” in numerous Hollywood cases, resulting in large settlements. Since founding RMA in 2020, Marks has acted as the main and head of the legal team.

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