TikTok’s Piggy Dipping trend is cracking users up

These days, TikTok users are tripping over the newest “Piggy Dipping” fad. After a TikTok user’s cat was featured in a video while conversing with it, the trend grew in popularity.

Although the original film was released in late December 2021, it’s only now that the craze has taken off.

What Is The Piggy Dipping Video On TikTok?

The Cat Dipping Its Paws In The Water Bowl video, posted by user “missus weeb,” is about a cat dipping its paws into a water bowl. It was not the animal’s behavior that caused the video to go viral; instead, it was due to the user’s response to the mess on the floor.

The TikToker, who has around 50,000 followers on the site, captioned the video ‘she’s dipping those pigs in the water.’ The TikTok user points to the kitty’s water bowl at the start of the clip and then pans to the pet that is walking into the drawing room.

She’s heard say, “Piggy dipping, Piggy Dipping in the piggy pond. No, you’re a sausage swimming in the water bowl. You put your fat little toes into it. Chubba bun,” and so on.

After hearing TikToker speak, people were in splits. While many of her comments were tough to comprehend, one user delivered a perfect translation with the line “a plus-size cat has dipped its paws into a pond of sorts and has been caught but is not in danger.” Over 8 million people have watched the video.

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TikTok Users Start The Piggy Dipping Trend

After the initial video became popular on TikTok, many people created their own films using the original piggy dipping audio.

TikTok user ‘Chateau Barefoot’ dressed up as a Jane Austen character and spoke beautifully while reciting the Piggy Dipping lines from the first video.

Defend yourself against charges of animal cruelty or neglect. “A TikTok account called firstlightfarm created a version with real pigs, dipping their feet in the piggy pond.”

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