Who Is Pholoso Mohlala, Somizi’s Rumored Fiancé?

Somizi Mohlala, one of the best and most well-known actors in the country, has been the subject of speculations concerning his fiancee. He recently leaked a video in which the camera was focused on his engagement ring. Many people assumed he was dating someone, and they hinted that he was going to marry.

He was seen as a bachelor for nearly five years. He has never confirmed in the media that he is getting married or involved with someone. So, why are people so interested in his love life? You’ve come to the correct spot since we’ll go through five facts about him and his marital status if you’re concerned about the same thing. So, if you want to find out whether he’s getting married or not, let’s get this party started. Who Is Pholoso Mohlala, Somizi’s Rumored Fiancé?

Pholoso Mohlala, Somizi’s Rumored Fiancé

We’ll start with his marriage. It was true that he would marry. Yes, he confirmed on Twitter that “we have a match.” Only yesterday, Somizi revealed his engagement to the public. Pholoso Mohlala is the woman who will marry Somizi. On Instagram, just days before the Season 5 debut of his reality show Living The Dream With Somizi, Mhlongo Mohlala Pholoso Somizi announced his engagement.

On May 4, 2022, Season 5 of Somizi’s Living The Dream will premiere. As an image of a ring appears on screen, the media celebrity also states: “I’m getting married again.” His wedding band was caught on tape and was correct.

He is a prolific thabang player on Isidingo. Pholoso is best recognized as Thabang on SABC’s Isidingo. Laziwe’s ex-boyfriend, according to reports, was Pholoso. Before he came into his life, Pholoso was Lasizwe’s ex-boyfriend, but they broke up. They broke up because the GIN Brand’s creator was a member of The V Ladies. We can see that he provides a link to the users who have purchased his brand on Instagram by looking at his page.


Pholoso is the person behind 012 Gin, which was founded in 2020. He was a big fan of BMW. Various photographs have been released by BMW, the Isidingo star. It was the only automobile I enjoyed, he claims. Last but not least, he likes to dress up in various clothing. He has a different outfit for each day of the week. He refuses to wear the same thing twice.

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Pholoso Mohlala Facts

Is Pholoso Mohlala married to Somizi Mhlongo? There has been speculation in the media that Pholoso and Somizi are getting married, but there has been no confirmation from either of them. However, they were seen wearing matching rings on social media, which has led many people to believe that an engagement or wedding may be imminent.

What is Pholoso’s background and how did he get involved in the gin industry? Pholoso was born and raised in South Africa, and he studied business management at a local university before launching his own gin brand called 012 Gin in 2020. He got into the spirits industry because he is a big fan of gin and wanted to create a product that would be enjoyed by others.

What are Pholoso’s interests outside of the gin industry? Pholoso is also a big fan of cars, and he has been seen driving a BMW on several occasions. He is also known for his love of fashion and often posts pictures of himself wearing different designer clothes.

How can I contact Pholoso Mohlala? The best way to contact Pholoso is through his Instagram account, which is @pholoso012. He is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

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