Is Noah Schnapp Gay | Will Byers Came Out As Gay

Noah Schnapp recently announced that he is gay, inspiring curiosity from fans who are now questioning if the actor has a romantic partner.

While Schnapp has not commented on his romantic life, he is open about being gay and has used social media to talk about the struggles of coming out. He was recently featured in an interview with Seventeen magazine talking about how difficult it was for him to accept himself and come out publicly.

In an interview, he stated: “I’m gay. I’m not straight.” He has said that it’s important to him to be open and honest about his sexual orientation. Noah Schnapp is a young actor who currently stars in Stranger Things and is one of the few celebrities who have openly discussed their sexuality.

He is an advocate for the LGBT+ community and regularly speaks out in support of equal rights. Noah Schnapp is part of a growing number of young, prominent celebrities who are openly gay or bisexual.

Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Noah Schnapp revealed to his friends and family that he was gay, but never explicitly stated that he was in a relationship. He was so scared of what they would think and was worried that he might be rejected. He said that he just wanted to be accepted for who he was and not judged.

He said that the hardest thing about being gay was facing his fears and finding the courage to tell those around him that he was gay. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he was determined to make it happen. He wanted to be able to express himself and not feel ashamed or embarrassed about who he truly was.


Some of his fans wrote on Twitter which reads as, “Okay whatever they call that representation of #gay boys. Couldn’t be the hot blonde basketball jock be gay. Got to be the nerdy, geeky, 😭 with plaid shirts & a bowl haircut. That’s not gay, that’s a ignorant #stereotype that straight men would make gay character that away 🀬”

Moreover, another wrote, “Whoever is gonna be Noah Schnapp’s boyfriend is gonna be so so lucky”.


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A third person also wrote: “Oh my God this is too precious. We saw this episode and my husband was like, “this kid loves Mike. And bam ⚑ I am so happy and sad for Will bcoz I know Mike will be freaked out when he hears!! πŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ”

Fans Support Noah Schnapp Aka Will Byers

An outpouring of love and support filled the comments section of the video as fans and friends celebrated the actor’s brave coming out.

One of his fan wrote, “Good for him it’s a beautiful thing wen ppl are happy with themselves. Be u love that’s all we can do on this world πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿😘😘πŸ₯°”.

Another wrote, “I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought”.

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