What Happened To Nikki Lilly Eye: Surgery And Life Expectancy

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If you haven’t heard of Nikki Lilly’s name before, it’s about time you did. The 15-year-old is a YouTube star and Junior Bake Off champion who has her own television series.

Despite her extraordinary talents, the Brit is no normal teenager. She has known since the age of six that she would never be considered “normal” due to her arteriovenous malformation, or AVM. Here’s how Nikki turned a potentially devastating diagnosis into an inspiration to millions of people. What Happened To Nikki Lilly Eye: Surgery And Life Expectancy.

What Happened To Nikki Lilly: Explored

AVM is a very uncommon medical problem that leads to swollen arteries and veins in the head, neck, or spine due to a tangled network of blood vessels. In Nikki’s case, the condition primarily affects her right side of her face, although it can also induce deadly nosebleeds. Because of her illness, she has had over 40 surgical procedures.

Nikki turned to YouTube to discuss makeup, music, cuisine, and her everyday routine as a method to deal with the bodily transformation caused by AVM. She discussed her medical history but did not dwell on her differences, instead emphasizing how much alike her journey through adolescence is to other kids’ journeys.

Nikki began to feel more secure after allowing comments on her videos, although the initial storm of nastiness was difficult to bear. “When you put yourself online, you are exposing yourself to the entire world. As a result, you will receive both cheers and boos,” Nikki told journalist Victoria Derbyshire in 2019 when asked about the benefits and negatives of being online.

“Even the most beautiful girl or guy in the world is always going to get something,” she continued. “I think when I first started it was a lot of ‘you’re ugly’ — ugly is just such a thrown-around word.”

Nikki said that she has grown immune to insults as a result of how frequently she receives them on the internet. “It’s not to say it doesn’t get to me, but I believe I’ve learned that the people commenting horrible things are more concerned about themselves than they are about you,” Nikki added.

Nikki Lilly Siblings And Family

Nikki Lilly was born in the year 2004 to her parents, whose names are still hidden under the curtains.

Lilli is 17 years old. She also celebrates her birthday every year on July 24th. Her family and friends send her birthday greetings and blessings every year. Lilly was born under the sign of Leo, which she obtained on her birthday.

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Nikki Has Never Tried To Change Herself: Despite The Bullying

“I practice what I preach,” the Nikki Lilly Meets… host says about her success on YouTube, which has over a million subscribers. “For me, it’s extremely vital to be true to oneself because why should you conform to this notion of how you should be or how you should act or how you should appear?” she asks.

“Everyone is different and everyone is unique and if we lived in a world where everyone looked the same and acted the same and everyone had the same likes, it would be a really boring world.”

Nikki may be managing a thousand activities at the moment, including her charity, which funds research and raises awareness for AVM, but she also has to remember to relax now and again.

In June of 2018, the BAFTA Special Award recipient was hospitalized for significant bleeding. “They had to put me in a sleep-induced coma for eight days to stop the bleeding and let my body heal because I’d lost so much blood,” she told ITV’s This Morning last February.

We’re glad to see that Nikki hasn’t let her past difficulties define her future.

Nikki Lilly On Instagram

Nikki Lilly’s Instagram profile name is @nikkililly_. She has over 437K followers on her profile. She has 225 posts under her belt.

She has mentioned herself as a digital creator in her profile bio section. On average, her posts get 5,000 likes. Her most popular posts are her portrait pictures.

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