Who Is Nellie Siegall, CEO Clay Siegall’s Wife?

Clay Siegall is married to his wife, Nellie Siegall. It was reported that they were going through a divorce procedure. Clay Siegall, on the other hand, resigned from his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Seagen Inc. on Monday, amid an allegation of domestic violence.

According to Seagen, Siegall will be on leave for more than three weeks as the publicly listed Seattle biotech firm investigates allegations of domestic violence. The arrest was not mentioned in the business’s news release.

Since co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, Clay Siegall has served as the company’s CEO. Adcetris, the company’s first oncology drug, was given FDA approval in 2011 and has since created 2,800 jobs in the Seattle region, Canada, Switzerland, and other parts of Europe. It has a market capitalization of $22 billion. Who Is Nellie Siegall, CEO Clay Siegall’s Wife?

Who Is Clay Siegall Wife Nellie Siegall?

Clay Siegall and his wife, Nellie Siegall, have been married for at least three years. On the other hand, their marriage date is still uncertain. However, they are going through a divorce right now. Both Nellie and Clay do not have any children of their own. Furthermore, Clay Siegall has been charged with Domestic Violence.

What Is Nellie Siegal Age?

Nellie Siegal is said to be 15 years younger than Clay Siegall, who was born in 1960. She is now 46 years old. Clay Siegall was born in 1960 and is now 61 years old, whereas Nellie Siegal was born in 1990 and is therefore only 18-19 years of age.

Clay Siegall Domestic Violence Claims

Clay Siegall, the founder of The Expressive Clay Company (TCC) and entrepreneur nicknamed “Uber Clay,” was taken into custody on April 23 for misdemeanor domestic violence. Siegall claims he is not to blame.

According to a police report, Siegall’s wife dialed 911 after he forced her to the floor, implying that his behavior was unreasonable. “Please leave and go away,” she pleaded to the dispatcher, adding, “he’ll go insane; he’s a prominent figure.”


When police arrived at the front door, Siegall’s wife was completely naked, according to reports. Police discovered abrasions on her forehead and legs while investigating the scene. Another man who was staying with his own wife called the cops to report that Siegall had assaulted her. Siegall was later charged with fourth-degree domestic violence in connection with the incident.

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Nellie Siegal FAQs

  • How old is Nellie Siegal?
  • Nellie Siegal is 46 years old.
  • When did Clay Siegall and Nellie Siegal get married?
  • The exact date is unknown, but they have been married for at least 3 years.
  • What is Clay Siegall’s occupation?
  • Clay Siegall is the founder of The Expressive Clay Company (TCC) and entrepreneur nicknamed “Uber Clay.”
  • Has Clay Siegall been charged with domestic violence?
  • Yes, he has been charged with fourth-degree domestic violence.

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