Who Is Natalie Mccann, Bard McCann’s Wife?

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Natalie McCann, a Fox5 Atlanta news anchor who is reportedly expecting a baby, was snapped with her burgeoning tummy in recent photographs. She is a journalist and a Fox 5 Atlanta resident. As of June 2016, she has been working as a multimedia journalist for the station. In Thomasville, Georgia, she began her journalism career as a news and sports writer for WLTZ-TV in January 2017. She worked at WLTZ in the following year before joining TV in WLTZ. Who Is Natalie Mccann, Bard McCann’s Wife?

Is Natalie Mccann From Fox5 Pregnant?

Fox5’s Meghan Mccann has been rumored to be pregnant. There is, however, no confirmation of her being pregnant. She recently attended a friend’s wedding and captured the moment with Kelsey Wingert and Casey Linch. She had served as one of the bridesmaids during her husband’s marriage ceremony.

Fans, on the other hand, had predicted that McCann would get pregnant this year. In 2021, she married her loyal best friend McCann. On May 14th, she revisited some of the wedding day memories on Instagram. She has collaborated with her husband to create a photograph, filmed a video about it and posted it on social media.

Mccann was in Mostowy’s baby shower in 2021. On this special day, they celebrated with two lovely families. Also, the host appears to enjoy children. She spent her time with her favorite boys.

The presenter recently traveled with her family. She visited The Roof at Ponce City Market and had a wonderful holiday with her sister and nephews. These youngsters are mostly all she spends time with. As a result, she may be expecting one for herself.

Natalie Mccann’s Husband, Brad McCann

The lovely husband of TV personality Natalie is named Ryan McCann. She married her best buddy as a result of a bet between them. On May 14, 2021, they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony at the Old Chapel on Blouberg Beach. Also, Natalie announced her partner on his birthday in December 9 2021.

She has also written, “My wonderful hubby and the man who always keeps me smiling! I adore you so much, Brad.” She has also shared her lovely moment with her spouse on social media.

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Natalie Mccann Baby Bump Pictures Explored

There does not appear to be a baby bump in Mccann’s pictures. She has gained a few pounds, which looks like a baby bump. As a result, neither the pair nor anybody else is sure if they are expecting their first kid or not.

The pair, on the other hand, has yet to share the good news. As a result, fans may only guess at Mccann’s baby bump until the journalist reveals the main reason. The presenter is likely to have gained some weight in recent days, according to rumors.

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