Mike Johnson emotional tribute to Cheslie Kryst on Instagram

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On January 30, 2022, Cheslie Kryst, the winner of Miss USA 2019, passed away. Many people were shocked by her death.

Today, February 3, Mike Johnson paid tribute to his late girlfriend on Instagram. According to his Instagram post, he appeared to have a close relationship with Cheslie.

Mike Johnson and Cheslie Kryst Shares Close Bond

On Instagram, LeToya Luckett shared a number of images with Cheslie and penned a heartfelt tribute to her. The photographs appear to have been from a vacation they were on. The pair is seen having their arms around each other in the photo.

Mike and Cheslie have a close relationship, as evidenced by several videos in which they’re having a blast while surfing together. According to an old post, the two caught up with their followers on Instagram Live in March 2020. Mike and Cheslie had undoubtedly formed a unique connection, but neither has confirmed their dating each other publicly.

The Bachelorette Star’s Tribute Is Touching

In the long description, Mike has written that he can’t fathom what Cheslie’s family is going through before moving on to his memories with her.

“The tears don’t stop, I’m leaking from my eyes throughout the day scared at night w goosebumps constantly covering my body, eyelashes falling and I catch myself drifting off to thoughts & memories of you,” he wrote.

He said he could hear her voice as he penned down the tribute.

Mike expressed: “The warmth in your will always be there even in the coldest spaces. I feel your soft hands daily holding me when we just want to hold you.”

Mike endeared himself to his audience with a heartfelt tribute to Chelise, in which he recalled all of her accomplishments and added that he would always be amazed by her. “If you or anyone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255.”

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Mike Johnson Once Claimed He’s Not Dating Anyone

Despite being one of the most eligible bachelors, Mike believes that dating is tough for him. On an episode of Talking It Out with co-hosts Bryan Abasolo and Ingrid Torr in June 2021, Mike stated that he was “very much single” while discussing his personal life on air.

“I’m the single one out of the two of us and I have begun to explore the DM world,” Mike said.

He said that dating is difficult for him since he must “thrown” himself out in order to locate a suitable partner.

“I don’t have none of these dating apps… I just have Instagram and on Instagram, it goes down in the DMs,” he added further.


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