Michoel Schnitzler Death | Suffered A Massive Heart Attack

Michoel Schnitzler was a Jewish singer who released 15 albums and over 150 songs. He also performed at more than 4,200 weddings. His popular songs are Eigen Yichus, Atu Hareisa, Di Shtibels Baal Agulah, Kim Kim, The Shpoler Zeida, Just Dance and more. Some of his famous albums are Shabbuson, Mimini Michoel, Nostalgi and many more. He was born to Reb Meshulam Zusha Schnitzler, his father and was a well-known name in the Jewish community.


Michoel Schnitzler Death | How Did He Died?

Michoel Schnitzler died due to heart attack on 14 April 2023. He was born on 7 August 1944, Berkeley, California, United States. Despite the arrival of Hatzalah paramedics, they failed to save his life. Tragically, his death was declared at the scene.

The legendary singer’s funeral was attended by hundreds of people following his death earlier this week. The loss of the singer shook the nation. An outpouring of grief and tributes were shared online in honor of his memory.

Who Was Michoel Schnitzler | Early Life, Family

Reb Michoel had a following of 18k followers on Instagram during the time of death. Aside from sharing videos of himself singing with fans, the singer also shared life lessons on Instagram.

His posts inspired his followers to think more deeply about life and their purpose in it. He often shared words of encouragement and motivation when his followers posted about hardships they were facing. He was a source of hope and optimism in the lives of his followers.


In his 35-year career, he had achived a lot. His videos often discussed the deeper spiritual meaning of Jewish holidays, and their messages of faith and resilience. He was an inspiration to many, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations of Jews to come.

Michoel’s last video featured Eliyahu and was posted seven days ago. A video was made by the duo in which they discussed the message of Passover.

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Michoel Schnitzler Full Songs List

  • Adoni Hamelech
  • Unity for Justice
  • Val Ich Dank
  • Ivdu Es Hashem B’simcha
  • Rockefeller
  • Der Tate Hert
  • V’Zos HaTora
  • Tantz In Kvartel
  • Nostalgish
  • Di Shtibels Baal Agulah
  • Yes You Can
  • Eigen Yichus
  • Atu Hareisa
  • Last Dichenen
  • Gelofen In Dee Gassen
  • Kim Kim
  • Mir Zenen Sheech
  • A Matzah In Oven
  • Yom Hashishi
  • Michoel Schnitzler
  • Punim Chadushes
  • Tov Lehodos
  • Es Hakol
  • Just Dance
  • The Shpoler Zeida
  • Birchas Habunim
  • Danced Three Times
  • De Treist Fin A Mamme
  • Licht Shmiesen
  • Eliyahu Hanavie
  • A Briderels Hartz
  • Mimini Michoel

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