Who Is Michael Boatwright, XXXTENTACION’s Murderer?

XXXTentacion, a South Florida rapper, was shot and killed in an ambush. One of the alleged shooters, Michael Boatwright, will remain incarcerated without bail. Onfroy was murdered on June 18 by way of a shooting that investigators believe was planned rather than random. Williams worked as a probation officer at the same time as Onfray in 2018 and believes he recognized his vehicle on the day of his death. Who Is Michael Boatwright, XXXTENTACION’s Murderer?

Who Is Michael Boatwright?

Jahseh Onfroy, a 20-year-old Parkland resident, was shot in the chest and died on June 18. Boatwright, 22, was arrested as a getaway driver at his initial court appearance and charged with being the second person in Onfroy’s death. Three men from Broward County have been identified as persons of interest in the inquiry; among them is Boatwright, who was taken into custody as a getaway driver.

According to Keyla Concepcion, a sheriff’s office spokesperson, Boatwright of Fort Lauderdale was one of two mask-wearing armed robbers who attacked Onfroy as he drove his $150,000 black BMW i8 out of a motorbike shop in Deerfield Beach. detectives added a first-degree murder charge to Boatwright’ s record when they arrested him on an unrelated narcotics charge on July 5. The initial arrest in the case was made two days later.

What Happened To Michael Boatwright?

Michael Boatwright was apprehended and charged with murder in the first degree. On July 5, he was arrested on unrelated drug allegations and subsequently charged with Onfroy’s murder on July 10. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has offered a $3,000 reward for any information that leads to a criminal’s arrest since Onfroy’s death.

Due to several suspicious Instagram postings by Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo, many Onfroy supporters, internet users, and locals initially thought local Florida rappers Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo murdered Onfroy due to the fact that they had several similarities with witness statements. Nonetheless, when Dedrick Williams and Michael Boatwright were arrested, these accusations were dismissed.


On July 5, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrested 22-year-old Michael Boatwright on drug charges. Investigators returned to jail for a visit on July 10 and gave him his arrest papers for premeditated first-degree murder. According to investigators, after the murder, Boatwright Googled “accessory to murder” and “XXXTentacion.”

According to police, Boatwright is believed to have fatally shot Onfroy. According on the court verdict, the four people were accused of murdering Onfroy. He’s the one who pulled the trigger. He was arrested and charged with murder in the first degree with intent, according to authorities. Onfroy’s murder charge against Boatwright was filed on July 10, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

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Is Michael Boatwright Dead Or Alive?

The death of Sean Boatwright is not reported in the media, so he may still be alive; nevertheless, there has been no recent information about him. People could believe he is deceased because he has disappeared from the news and his case hasn’t been addressed.

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, known professionally as XXXTentacion, was murdered outside RIVA Motorsports, a high-end motorbike and watercraft dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida on June 18, 2018. He was shot many times in the neck and died before being pronounced dead owing to his injuries.

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